Yong-Hyun Yan
Yong Hyun Yan
Korean 양 용현
Romanized Yang Yonghyeon
Nickname Cool Guy
Age mid-30s
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Shinhyup Clan
Previous Affiliation S.U.C.
Previous Occupation Captain of S.U.C.
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Unknown
Fighting Style Unknown
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 28 (NW)

Yong-Hyun Yan was one of the five Captains of S.U.C. He is first introduced alongside Ji-Woo Li at a bar and become ally to Ji-Gun Yoo


He is a slim person with well shaped muscles (proof of his level of martial arts). He cuts his hair short on the sides while on the top he directs it to the back. He always wears square framed glasses.

When in combat he wears a special scales Gauntlet on his Left Arm.


He is always calm and was never seems to lose his temper. This explains his nickname "Cool Guy". He is generally observant as he was able to find a counter-measure for the Soul-Crushing Strike after experiencing in the second fight with Shi-Woon.

As stated by himself, he is a person of the Murim before he is a captain of the S.U.C. This explains both his honest character, and that he sticks even to self imposed rules, despite the consequences. He admires courageous people, such as Shi-Woon Yi, though he doesn't admit it to himself.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Makes Its Appearance!!Edit

Yong-Hyun Yan is introduced standing beside Ji-Woo Li at a bar. He begins to stare at his phone, until Ji-Woo asks him what is up and is something wrong. He tells her it's just that the call cut off. She asks him who it was, he tells her it was the Fattie they sent to Nine Dragons High School, also now that that he thinks about it he is the that Chang-ho guy or something and questions how long is she going to cover for him. Ji-Woo tells him the idiot he has been warned but he still messed up that match and he's done for if he meets a strong guy. He tells her to send him back, confused Ji-Woo questions him. Yong-Hyun tells her now that the dog is ready, they should send him hunting.[1]

The S.U.C.'s Next Prey is Shi-Woon Yi?!Edit

On the phone to Ji-Woo Li, she informs him Shi-Woon Yi and Chang-ho have met. He tells her don't bother with the little stuff, and contact him if something big happens. Ji-Woo then questions him over Chang-ho.[2]

After hearing of what had happened between Shi-Woon Yi and Chang-ho, he questions the words foot technique. Ji-Woo Li confirms it and tells him it was defiantly a foot technique. Yong-Hyun tells her something is not right. His Ki-Center is shattered so he shouldn't so he shouldn't be able to use his Ki at all. Ji-Woo tells him that's the thing and she had just had contact that S.U.C. is fake and he talked big about showing what real Nine Arts techniques are like. He then asks if Shi-Woon Yi is fighting currently. Ji-Woo tells him no, they're having fun playing tag.[3]

After witnessing Shi-Woon Yi fight against S.U.C. soldiers Ji-Woo Li tells him as she told him before, he can really use foot techniques. The S.U.C soldiers than bow before them and welcome them. Yong-Hyun Yan tells declares enough the formalities. He claims how interesting, a person who has shattered Ki-Centre to use martial arts so well, and asks Shi-Woon does he care to tell him how. Shi-Woon questions over him introductions first, to which to he claims is a nice comeback in a situation like this. He introduces himself and Ji-Woo as two of the five captains of S.U.C. After Chang-ho gets and declares they aren't done yet, Ji-Woo comments that he can't even finish things right. To which he comments he will take care of it, he then appears behind him and grabs him by the neck and informs him his time is up. He orders other S.U.C. soldiers to take him to the car. As the police arrive Yong-Yun remarks that they were slower than he thought, after Ji-Woo replies and agrees with him, Yong-Yun tells her to go head as he wants to talk with him. He tells Shi-Woon to follow him as he will give him some V.I.P treatment [4]

Standing on the top of a building Yong-Hyun Yan asks Shi-Woon Yi about the view. As Shi-Woon questions what the matter is, Yong-Hyun asks what his point is, as he is witnessing his former master’s wish of no separation between the Murim and the normal world. Shi-Woon says his master wouldn't wish such a thing and claims there all liars. Yong-Hyun tells him, he will be his opponent and he might as well get prepared to jump a bit and questions him about it. When he asks does he need some time, Shi-Woon begins to charge towards him, questioning if that’s his foot technique he believes in. Retreating from Yong-Hyun, Shi-Woon appears him and strikes a direct Soul Crushing Strike to his chest. Yong-Hyun responds by swinging his right bicep around Shi-Woon's neck and knocking him down to the floor and executes a technique by forcefully poking Shi-Woon's forehead. Yong-Hyun informs him that was fatal so he shouldn't move to, before he can finish his sentence, he starts to notice something, and dodges an unexpected attack from Shi-Woon. He tells understands why his boss wanted to bring him. Shi-Woon then questions him about his boss, which surprises him. Looking down towards the street Yong-Hyun claims he’d better wrap things up and tosses a card towards Shi-Woon. After congratulating him, he explains its usage. And starts to walk away, when Shi-Woon asks him about their match. Yong-Hyun turns around and tells for him not to fool himself, and if his boss didn't already say so, then he would be at the bottom of the building. And if he still wants to fight he had better be prepared for something worse than death.[5]

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


Master Martial Artist: As a captain of the S.U.C Yong-Hyun is a high level martial artist in fact when Jae-Kyu Kwon saw his first fight with Shi-Woon Yi he stated that Yong-Hyun is undoubtedly a master and thus believed he would be able to easily defeat Shi-Woon though this was proven wrong.

High Observation Skills: After the second fight with Shi-Woon he realised how his Soul-Crushing Strike works and was able to counter it in their third fight. This ability is probably due to the fact that he always keeps his calm and is able to concentrate.


  • Spinning Dragon Exploding Strike (Hweh Ryong Bal Gyek): An Inner Power technique in which the practitioner circulates Ki through his body and releases it through his fist at the same time he extends his hand while twisting the fist into position.
  • Walking Techniques: During his second fight with Shi-Woon he used Walking Techniques. According to Shi-Woon they are fake and just look similar to the Walking Techniques of Chun-Woo Han. They are probably the same as Chang-ho's Walking Techniques since he was taught these by the S.U.C.

Equipment Edit

  • Gauntlet: Yong-Hyun always wears a special gauntlet on his left forearm whenever he goes into battle. The gauntlet is very durable as he uses to block attacks from Shi-Woon though the latter managed to break through it along with his left arm during their second fight. Later on during his final fight against Shi-Woon he repaired while wearing it alongside Ha-ru and Ji-Woo Li.


Former AlliesEdit

Former EnemiesEdit

  • Ji-Gun Yoo: They are enemies since Ji-Gun's purpose is to crush the S.U.C. group. They have also confronted one another a couple of times.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: There has been direct confrontation between the two several times. But he helped him in the Seoul tower incident.

Battle LogEdit

Shi-Woon vs Yong-Hyun Yan (undecided)

Shi-Woon & Ji-Gun Yoo vs Yong-Hyun Yan

Shi-Woon vs Yong-Hyun Yan

Ji-Gun Yoo vs Yong-Hyun Yan (Undecided)

Shi-Woon vs Yong-Hyun Yan, Ji-Woo Li, & Ha-ru (Undecided)

Trivia Edit

  • He and Ryuji are the only two members that defected from the S.U.C.


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