Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Artists' Society
Occupation Artists' Society Munju
Personal Status
Student Sera Kang
Yu Sa-Ah
Shi-Woon Yi (Former)
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Artists' Society
Fighting Style Artists' Society
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 43 (The Breaker)
Chapter 39 (NW)
Yae-Won is one of the elders of the Martial Arts Alliance and is the master in the ways of the Artists' Society. She is also the master of both Sera Kang and Shi-Woon Yi.


Yae-Won is an old woman who is very short in stature, dresses in a han-bok and is usually seen with a cane.


She is shown to be a kind and considerate person as she was willing to to teach Shi-Woon despite the fact that he was Goomoonryong's former disciple and hasn't shown any negative feelings towards him. Yae-won also seems to have a mischievous side as when she teased Sera Kang about Shi-Woon being her type embarrassing both Sera and Shi-Woon.[1] she isn't easily impressed and the only one who has impressed her is Shi-Woon.[2]

Within Martial Arts Alliance only she and Kang-Sung were able to understand the tragedy that Goomoonryong has endured. This speaks to a great level of empathy and self-control as Yae-Won still professed to hate him. 


The BreakerEdit

Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

Yae-Won is seen sitting in the meeting of Martial Arts Allliance Munju's. When dicssuing the topic of the capture Nine Art's Disciple. Yae-Won mentions you never know as it's been 5 hours since the first parameter was set up. The fact he hasn't been caught means he's no ordinary foe.[3]

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Shi-Woon Yi Starts a New Training...!!Edit

Yae-Won appears entering the room before Sera Kang, as Sera bows before her. Yae-Won laughs and claims it has been a while. Sera then introduces her to Shi-Woon Yi. Kneeling down around the table, Yae-Won questions Sera whether Shi-Woon was the boy, she told her about. She then asks for Shi-Woon's hand, as she begins to feel his hand. Yae-Won tells Sera he has a lovely hand for a boy, and questions whether he's her type. Sera then politely asks her to refrain herself, as she's meeting him for the first time. She then begins to get serious and claims she had heard everything from Sera. She begins to tell Shi-Woon she is here to show him, who cannot do martial arts, a way to train himself. Yae-Won explains to him, he is about to learn the Outer Body Training Method a technique that uses a type of meditation. She tells him she understands he has a broken Ki-Center that is badly damaged. The Ki Center is important because when it's damaged, he can't accumulate Ki. Thus he fails to reach to first step of the three basics in martial arts techniques. Ki Accumulation, Distribution and Extertion Threshold. If it continues for a long time, he's unable practice the distribution or extertion threshold steps, ultimately become unable to use any martial arts, even if he fixes his Ki-Center. Shi-Woon then questions if learning martial arts with the mind, actually works. She tells him she doesn't know about martial arts she's never seen, but if he has past experience with Ki-distribution or with a technique, then it's possible to engrave it into his body through repeated meditation. She then asks him if he wants her to teach it to him. Shi-Woon tells her he wants to learn it. She nods and claims it's good. Yae-Won then tells Sera that from here on she is in charge of his training. So she may leave them. Sera then asks of her not to be rough on him. Yae-Won tells her not to worry. Shi-Woon asks her what he should do first; She tells him why don't they start by stripping him down, she then orders her assistants’ to strip him.[4]

Kneeling down Yae-Won begins to pant. As she tries to stand up, she begins to lose her balance. Her assistant then begins to panic, Yae-Won tells her she is fine and to lay Shi-Woon out straight and massage him. After leaving the room and heading outside, she notices Sera Kang. After Sera displays her respect and bowing before her. Yae-Won laughs and questions was she waiting for her outside. She then remarks questioning is it sunrise already. Sera asks her isn't she over doing it, working all night on her very first day. She tells her no as it was alot of fun for her. Yae-Won then laughs and tells Sera, what an amazing kid he is. As even in his state he managed to endure the soul bewildering sutra which would have been enough for a worthy Murim-in. Sera tells her this is the first time she has seen her praise someone so much. Yae-Won claims that's right as she's never seen such soul before. Sera tells her she was worried at first that she'd refuse her request. Yae-Won tells her she was shocked at first when she first heard her request, but now she understands why. She wants to give back to that child his Martial Arts, no matter what. That way at least she could help him and break the chains of ill fate that binds his master, and his master's master, to the murim.[5]

Yae is seen sat down with hands pressed against Shi-Woon's back. She asks him how is it, and if he can handle more just nod. Shi-Woon then nods, Yae-Won tells him very well they'll go further, but if it's to hard, then he can rest. Suddenly shocked questions how this can be. She continues claiming curse the Nine Arts Dragon, wondering what he has to done to the boy, as it's impossible for a normal human to withstand what he has done. Yae-Won tells Shi-Woon when he feels ready meditate. Shi-Woon begins to meditate Yae-Won continues to press her hands against Shi-Woon's back. Yae-Won's assistants’ then react, she tells them to stay down. Yae-Won starts to believe it's impossible all the Ki she sent into him was absorbed instantly, and claims she can't believe it. She then tells Shi-Woon she will put some power into it so get ready. Yae-Won then starts to think that this is beyond her with all the sent Ki being absorbed at such pace, just how strong was his spirit before his Ki-Center shattered. Yae-Won tells Shi-Woon when he has felt the pulses of Ki in his body, they can move onto the next step which is creating the body. She tells him to imagine his body being apart from his own. [6]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Artists' Society Style): She was called "One of the old monsters" by Chun-Woo.  As she is one of the Martial Arts Alliance's top Munjus it can be assumed that she is not only a real master level artist but an exceptionally skilled real master at that. This is shown by her ability to surprise Goomoonryong and even score a hit on him. She can easily throw Chun-Woo Han without him realizing that he was thrown.


  • Ki-Whirlwind Technique: Uses the opponent's external force to send them flying
  • Outer Body Training Method: Is a method of training based on meditation. The user enters a state of meditation where they train using his/her Ki to create an image of him/herself and using the memory of enemies to create them and fight with them in that state of meditation.[7]
    • Abyssal Insight: A technique of the Outer Body Training Method. It allows the user to memorize any technique that he has seen even once, regardless of the martial arts style, and make it his own.[6]
    • Triple Blossom Meditation: A form of the Outer Body Training Method. During its use the user is in a state of mind that causes three flower blossoms to appear on top of his head.[8] This seems to be an enhanced form of the Outer Body Training Method.


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