Vice Principal
Personal Info
Age Middle Aged
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Nine Dragon High School
Occupation Vice Principal
Operates in Normal Society
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 2

Vice-Principal of Nine Dragon High School. He follows the commands of the Principal.


He is a middle-aged man, short with average weight, wearing glasses. He has started getting bald. He looks serious, and while he has that look on his face tends to fix his glasses.


He is quite the serious teacher and tries to look strict, but he cares about the students, teachers and their progress. Sometimes even unable to comprehend the orders he receives from the Principal, but follows them blindly. He is very expressive when he is angry, disagrees, worries and fancies something. Moreover he is fair to his colleagues. In the case where Chun-Woo Han made fun of his car the Vice Principal almost chocked him to death[1], however later he went and apologised to him for his extreme reaction and rudeness.[2]


The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

He is enraged by Chun-Woo Han who comes to school to teach dressed as a customer at a bar or, as the Vice Principal said, as a man with a call girl. However, Chun-Woo ignores his scolding and uses the ring of the bell as an excuse to escape from him which further angers him. Later on he finds his smashed car and morns.[3].

After that he starts questioning students about what happened trying desperately to find an answer. On the roofs topic later on he instructs the teachers to close it of finding opposition on Chun-Woo who insults his car. Enraged he attacks him and is restraint by another teacher.[1].

He has now calmed down and wants to apologise for his extreme outburst of anger towards Chun-Woo regardless of the outcome of the incident. He apologising to Chun-Woo but right after that he takes Shi-Woon Yi away; practically running away. The Principal looks at them startled [2]. When the school is about to end Chun-Woo tries to leave but the Vice Principal stops him and shows him the pile of work that Chun-Woo has been avoiding. After scolding him for his behaviour and appearance unfit for a teacher, he forces him to stay behind and finish his work.[4].


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