Unnamed Airbender

  • I was born on October 22
  • Unnamed Airbender

    Hello everyone :) I'm creating this blog by the request of Lasaro Ginjou to add me as an admin here at The Breaker wiki.

    I first messaged Lasaro Ginjou by saying that I can become the Sysadmin of this wiki by the one who fix any problems on this wiki and also the one who can add new features and things that users may enjoy. It was also stated that it is also possible to promote this wiki in order for it to grow larger and become well known.

    My experience on wikia:

    1. The Big Bang Theory bureaucrat

    2. Half-Life Admin

    3. Avatar Wiki ex-rollbacker

    I believe that from all this experience I have got throughout the years, I can push this wiki a little bit further.

    So we are here to ask you users if you support my addition or object. The deadline is on…

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