Hi everyone,

A little while ago, a new contributor joined us, User:Besty17. He has helped a lot to improve the Wiki and thanks to him the Wiki has started going into order. He also knows more than me about wikis and seems to have the intention to work hard with us.

So I suggested him to become Admin of this Wiki so he can use the extra options and abilities an Admin can have to help this Wiki. He accepted my suggestion, thus I made this Blog post.

The purpose of this blog is to ask you all of your opinion on this matter. Whether you agree or not of him becoming an Admin. Please comment your opinion below.

Following the right procedure, in one week's time, if there are no contributors that refuse his promotion to admin, he will become admin in this Wiki.

If there is someone who disagrees with his promotion we ask that he gives an explanation on his disagreement so we can be certain that the disagreement is justifiable.


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