Throughout the series there has been reference to many notable characters that are given titles with which they are widely known. These titles and explanations are listed below.


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The martial arts championship consisted of nine titles. Each title was represented by one technique from the respective Clan or School. A person can gain more then one Seat however it is forbidded to do so as both Chun-Woo Han and Kang-Sung gain more then three seats. The so far known titles include:

Single Seat TitlesEdit

  • Gwon-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Fist or Seat of the Dragon Fist. This seat is represented by the Dragon Claw Punch technique, traditionally belonging to the Iron Fist School.[1]
  • Gak-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Leg or Seat of the Dragon Leg. This seat is represented by the Rising Sage Leg technique, traditionally belonging to the North Star School.[2]
  • Bong-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Staff or Seat of the Dragon Staff. This seat is represented by the Dragon Staff Strike technique, traditionally belonging to the Hogi Clan.[2]
  • Dab-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Step or Seat of the Dragon Step.
  • Ki-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Ki or Seat of the Dragon Ki.
  • Tu-Ji-Ryong: Dragon Becoming Stealth or Seat of the Dragon Stealth.

Multiple Seats TitlesEdit

  • Sammoonryong: This is a title belonging to Kang-Sung. It was awarded to him for taking three of the nine seats of power and shows his skills are exemplary. He is one of the few people thought able to match Goomoonryong.
  • Goomoonryong: This is a title belonging to Chun-Woo Han. He claimed this title by taking all nine seats of power and shows that he has surpassed the boundaries of mortals. Due to the attitude Chun-Woo holds for the Murim it has become something of a villainous title.

Four Supernovas (Four New Stars)Edit

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It is not known how the title of Supernova was given. It is said that these titles are given to the greatest talents and raising stars of Murim during their generation. It also appears that these individuals also appear to be of Korean nationality leading to the idea that these titles were created in the Korean Murim society and not worldwide.

The titles stem from the four cardinal points and the four colors of the Korean flag (Black, Red, White and Blue). Whether this has anything to do with why the titles were formed or not is unknown.

Ten Grand MastersEdit

Superhuman (by So-Chun Hyuk)Edit

Two special titles of superhuman individuals were mentioned by So-Chun Hyuk. Although these titles are the conclusion So-Chun Hyuk himself has reached, thus they are not official, they are still significant since they are based on So-Cun Hyuk's own remarkable skill, experience, and insight.

  • One Who Exceeds the Boundaries of Human Abilities: An individual is labeled like this due to his strength surpassing everyone in known history. He has repeatedly stepped into impossible situations, both large and small scale, and overcome them time and again.[3]
    • Chun-Woo Han: His mastery of all nine seats of power as well as his limitless skill qualify him as a superhuman and was labeled as such by So-Chun-Hyuk.
  • One Who Surpasses the Instincts of Mankind: An individual is labeled as such based solely on his spirit. Where as most people would be afraid of an opponent stronger than them, he neither feels fear nor submits to the stronger opponent. Rather than feeling fear he actually terrifies So-Chun Hyuk.[3]
    • Shi-Woon Yi: This ability to surpass emotional reality qualifies him as a superhuman by So-Chun-Hyuk. Ju Sang-Sik referred to Shi-Woon as crazier than his master Chun-Woo Han possibly meaning the same think as So-Chun Hyuk.


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