Thunder Fist
Thunder Fist
Romanized Nak Rwe Gwon
Clan Sun-Woo Clan
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 56
Part II Chapter 4 (NW)

The Thunder Fist or Thunder Smashing Strike is a striking technique from the Sun-Woo Clan's Martial Arts.


This technique have the user focuses around the fist. By gathered Ki strengthens into the fist enough to result in a very powerful strike. It is an one hit kill technique that use's only one fist.


There are various forms of this technique, depending on how the strike is delivered.

  • Ascending Thunder Fist: The first variation press themselves against the ground and deliver a very powerful uppercut.
  • Descending Thunder Fist: The Second variation the users press themselves against a wall or ceiling and then deliver the blow downward like a lightning bolt.
  • Heaven Shattering Thunder Strike: This is a special type of the original technique it is on a different level power wise. It has only been seen used by Jae-Kyu Kwon.[1]


All of the different variations of this technique result in some kind of electric aura forming around the users hand and in some cases the preparation for this technique causes a kicking up of dust around the user’s feet.

Known UsersEdit

  • Hyun Won-Jae Despite not being a member of the Sun-Woo Clan, he is able to perform this technique.
  • Jae-Kyu Kwon: He is able to use all three of Thunder Fist. As he has master all three and he likes to use Heaven Shattering Thunder Strike.
  • Gyu-Bum Yi: He is able to use two variation of the thunder fist. He has fully mastered the techinque which can cause a air presser around he target.
  • Jin-Ie Kwon: She is only able to use only one of the variation of the technique but she hasn't fully mastered the technique which casing a shock within her hand. As she variation hits the opponent hand causing their head to hit the ground making them flip over her land in front of her.


  1. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 59

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