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Three Thugs

They are working at a bar where Chun-Woo had a drink with a lady without paying. It is assumed that it is a host club. They are non-Murim-in and first appear in Chapter 1 (The Breaker).


All three of them are fat. The first one is bald and has a beard. The second one has a mustache and his hair are directed backwards with gel. The third one has a normal hairstyle.


They act as big shots but when they know that they are no match the are cowardly.


The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

They are seen dragging Chun-Woo into a remote alley. There they tell him that he cannot drink with a lady and leave without paying and hit him. Then Chun-Woo easily beats the one with the mustache and then has fun beating the other two.[1]



  • Chun-Woo Han: He left without paying from their bar and later beat them up while showing to enjoy it.


  1. The Breaker Chapter 1

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