Thousand Needle Restriction is a technique that belongs to the Acupuncture arts.



This technique belongs to the Hyul-Do (pressure point) martial arts and and specifically to the Acupuncture style.


  • Lifeblood Silver Needles:

Pros & ConsEdit


This techniques makes use of acupuncture needles to attack the pressure points of an opponent from a distance giving a long range advantage to the user.


Overhaul Rebirth can start from different point of the body. If the user is not aware of the starting point then the Technique won't have as strong an effect as it should as shown with Shi-Woon Yi. Although, in Shi-Woon's case, it is hinted that his endless ki reserves was a reason since a common uncertain was the source of Shi-Woon's strength. This suggests that individuals with hightened Ki due to the ingestion and adaptation of One Moon Divine Dan.

Known UsersEdit

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