This page contains information on Projects that have been or are currently implemented. To take place on a project you are required to request the appropriate license from the Bureaucrat.

Please check Wiki Ruleset#Wiki Projects for details on project regulations.


  • Ongoing projects have their title in green color.
  • Completed projects have their title in red color.

Project "Fulfilling"Edit


The Wiki lacks massive amount of information from the early stages of the series. The role of this project is to systematically add the information.


One by one all chapter pages will be completed in order. For each chapter page that has been completed, before going on to the next chapter, the pages (characters, techniques, etc) included in the chapter will have to be updated or created.


The process of this projects POSSIBLY includes:

  • Chapter pages might be restructured several times.
  • Whole pages might be erased and rewritten.
  • Categories might be erased and added.
  • New pages will be created in masses.
  • Templates will be created, deleted or changed.

Licensed ContributorsEdit

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