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The Breaker Creators

This page is dedicated to the creators of The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves manhwa.


Park Jin-Hwan (박진환) is manhwa artist who worked with Jeon Guk-jin for The Breaker under the allias Kamero.


Before joining Jeon Guk-jin to collaborate work on the breaker, he previously worked on a series known as "Archlord", which he illustrated and wrote. [1]


Jeon Geuk-Jin (전극진) (April 25, 1968) is the writer of The Breaker and The Breaker: New Waves books which turned into a manhwa.


Jeon was the story writer for "Yeol Hyeol Gang Ho" also know as "Yul Gang" or "Ruler of the Land." [1] He is married and has two children.


The Creators of The Breaker are seen various times through out Parts l and ll of the series.

  • They have made appearances in chapters of Part l and ll of The Breaker series.[2][3]


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