Teacher Kim
NDHS Teacher 2
Personal Info
Age middle-aged
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Normal Society
Occupation Teacher
Operates in Nine Dragons High School
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 3

Teacher Kim is a teacher of the Nine Dragons High School and one of the teachers responsible for Shi-Woon Yi's class. Specifically, he is the homeroom teacher of Shi-Woon's class.


He is burly and has sparse hair on the front. He has a big forehead because of that. He also has big nose.


He seems generally strict as he forced Shi-Woon to make a handshake with Chang-ho without asking the reason why he didn't want to. He also seemed uncaring since he interpreted the report of bullying from Sae-Hee as a fight allowing Chang-ho to pass it as a trifle fight.


After the commotion with Shi-Woon's bullying it is hinted that Sae-Hee went to the teacher to report it. At the end of the his class he asked Shi-Woon intensely who he fought with revealing that a girl reported it. After Chang-ho stood up and said it was a trifle fight he called them both up and forced to perform handshake and make up. He got mad at Shi-Woon's hesitation and pressured him further. When they performed the handshake he advised them not to cause any more trouble and leaves the class telling everyone to go home.[1]


  1. The Breaker Chapter 3

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