Personal Info
Korean 기타노
Gender Male
Status Alive
Professional Info
Affiliation Black Forest Defence
Occupation Bodyguard
Martial Arts
Style Swordsmanship
Rank Master
Manhwa Debut
Part 1 Chapter 43 (The Breaker)
Part 2 Chapter 86 (NW)

Takeshi is a Japanese man and member of the Black Forest Defence along with Dimitri.


He is seen wearing a white jeans with a chain in the right hip a white shirt and a black (probably jeans) jacket. He also wears a necklace that reaches all the way to his stomach and has the symbol of a clef.


He acts cocky with almost everyone regardless of his level of strength as seen when he provoked the Alliance's Former Chief although he was not strong enough to fight him and he already knew that himself. The only one he seems to act obedient to is Kaiser. Also, he is especially irascible and when he gets mad he does not consider the odds of his actions as when he was attacked by Chun-Woo and intended to fight back but was stopped by Dimitri.


The BreakerEdit

Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

Takeshi first appears along with Dimitri. They were sent to assist in the escape of Chun-Woo Han, Shi-Ho Lee, Alex and Jang So-Sul. Takeshi was the one that informed Chun-Woo Han about Shi-Woon running away from the persuit of the Martial Arts Alliance using Soul-Crushing Strike and Walking Techniques like an expert.[1]

During the fight with the Martial Arts Alliance he appeared again with Dimitri in the roof of the building where Chun-Woo, Shi-Ho and Shi-Woon were fighting against the Alliance's Chief. They were brought there as a back up by helicopter with Alex driving it and So-Sul went along to help Shi-Woon. The two men tried to defend against the Chief but they were not able to stop him.[2] Shi-Ho was shot by a sniper and started bleeding while Chun-Woo entered in the Black Origin Threshold. After Chun-Woo came to his senses Takeshi and the others escaped with the helicopter leaving Shi-Ho behind.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Punching the Encirclement is for the Last Fight..!!Edit

Takeshi's Swordmanship

Takeshi is seen along side two other individuals wearing black suits. He easily killing an armed group into pieces using a sword technique. Stopping Lady So-Sul from leave the room as the order what not given. Kaiser gave Takeshi and his men the order to bring Lady So-Sul to her room to rest.[3]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Swordsmanship: He is a capable swordsman as he is able to cut people down effortlessly along with metallic weapons into pieces.[3] He has also mentioned that he has his own sword technique, but he has not been seen using it as of yet. He appears to be pretty confident about his skills since he was not afraid to face the Former Chief of the Alliance as well as Chun-Woo himself.


Sword-Drawing Technique (Ban Do Sool): He referred to this technique himself as his speciality when he provoked the Alliance Chief.


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