Tai Chi is a martial arts style first introduced in the series by Kang-Sung. Tai Chi Arts are the best amongst the Song Clan[1]



They are referred to as Legendary Arts. These arts focus on stopping the flow and controlling the direction of power/force. Thus, the practitioner can nullify any attack and direct its force towards any direction including sending it back to the attacker.[1]


The function of these arts against attacks is explained as the water against a knife. Just as no sword can cut water in the same way no attack can penetrate the defenses of Tai Chi.[1] This implies that even someone of a lower level can overpower a stronger opponent.


The Tai Chi Arts require a foothold for the practitioner to use them. If that foothold is lost then the practitioner is unable to use the Tai Chi Arts. Thus, users of Tai Chi would be unable to fight to the full extent in midair. Their ability to nullify attacks is weakened and the practitioner takes part of the damage as well. Depending on the difference in strength between the practitioners is also the damage the practitioner is unable it redirect.[2]


  • Reflection Technique: one of the greatest techniques of the Tai-Chi Arts that reflects an attack back to the attacker. The only known user is Kang-Sung.[1]

Known UsersEdit


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