Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Mil-Yang Clan
Occupation Porter
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 47

Su-Hoon is a non-Murim-in affiliated with the Mil-Yang Clan.


Su-Hoon is a man of average height, with short spiky dark-colored hair. He wears a grey shirt, that exposes his neck. He has a skinny body built showing his lack of physical strength as a non-Murim-in.


He is especially confident praising himself for his driving skills while he gets surprised when Shi-Woon asks of him to go faster than what he thought to be fast enough.


Su-Hoon appears in an ambulance, stopping in front of Shi-Woon Yi and Sera Kang. As Sera tells Shi-Woon, Su-Hoon is the fastest driver, there is, he laughs and tells her he maybe the fastest, but he still drives safely. As Shi-Woon gets in the ambulance, telling him to hit it. As he tells Shi-Woon to hold on, and don't blame him if he gets scared, Su-Hoon then begins to drive. [1] After Shi-Woon finishes his phone conversation, he requests of him to go faster. Shu-Hoon questions him about his car sickness. Shi-Woon tells him it doesn't matter, and tells him to just drive. Shu-Hoon questions how he could go any faster than what they already are. Shi-Woon points out that he went really fast previously. As Shu-Hoon starts to drive faster, he asks Shi-Woon does he want to go faster. Shi-Woon tells him yes and to hurry up. He then cries out his fear that they will get killed.[2] As he reaches his destination, he tells Shi-Woon they've arrived. Seeing men dressed in skull costumes, he questions weather it is a halloween party, and what's with the skulls. As Shi-Woon exits the ambulance, he tells him to wait for him. When he tries to shout to him, he claims he is a tough kid. [3]


Driving: Although apparently not on the same level as Alex. Su-Hoon is a good driver, as while driving fast, he can still drive safely.


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