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NDHS Student

He is a student of the Nine Dragons High School. He is a non-Murim-in and first appears in Chapter 3 (The Breaker).


He is a plain looking young boy. His hair are long on top and short on the sides and back. The top of his hair are divided in the middle.


Not much is known about his personality. However, he shows effort in being respectful towards the Vice Principal of the school who was desperately questioning him about his car incident.


The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

The Vice Principal, after the accident with his car he went around questioning everyone about it. This student was one of them. The Vice Principal grabbed him intensely from his soldiers and asked him loudly if he witnessed anything. Not knowing anything he replied that he didn't see anything. As the Vice Principal was walking away a girl classmate asked him what happened to which he replied that someone threw something off the roof destroying the Vice Principal's car. Then comments that whoever gets caught is sure to get expelled. [1]


  1. The Breaker Chapter 3

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