Strong Metal Hand
Chapter 15
Clan Song Clan
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 14

Strong Metal Hand is a technique of the Song Clan's martial arts. It has several different levels ranking from one (the lowest) to ten (the highest).


A practitioner of Strong Metal Hand develops supernatural hand strength and durability. Gijoo Song using the highest level, showed the ability to tear through the flesh and bone of Chun-Woo Han (a martial artist with an exceptionally well conditioned body) and stone pillars.[1]


In order to progress to the higher levels of Strong Metal Hand (above level five) one's hands must be trained through the use of strengthening drills. These drills for both the hands and fingers apply for martial artists having attained ranks five through nine. While performing these drills, the hands and fingers grow more durable and eventually are strong enough to withstand the stresses of rank ten. Using rank ten without completing the strength training might allow one to use Strong Metal Hand's full power, but only for a few minutes. After the time passes the users hands will be crippled for life.[2]


Strong Metal Binding: Once this technique activates the user's hand becomes hard and stiff as solid steel and cannot be moved unless the user deactivates it. This technique remains active even after the user's death. It can also be used as the last act of desperation where even in death, one will not let go of what one has grasped.[2]

Known UsersEdit


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