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Split Heaven Kick
Spilt Heaven Kick
Romanized Pachungak
School Song (assumed)
Classification Offensive
Type Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 70

Split Heaven Kick (Pachungak) is a strong Ki-releasing downside kick.


It is an overhead axe-kick that the user releases Ki. It is similar to the Soul-Crushing Strike. It can be able to cut though several feet straight a metallic platform.[1]

According to the literal translation given for the technique, Pachungak stands for:

  • Pa: Shatter/Break 
  • Chun: Heaven
  • Gak: Leg

However, the free translation is used.

Known UsersEdit

  • Kang-Sung: Used it out of anger against Chun-Woo Han after he expelled and belittled Shi-Woon Yi.[1]
  • Chun-Woo Han: Use it to free himself when he is caught by Ginzoo.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: Use it when he is on the government island. howewer, it is possible that his and Chun-Woo techinques are an other one, derived from the Soul-Crushing Strike.


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