Personal Info
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation Murim
Black Forest Defence
Occupation Goomoonyoung Right Hand
Operates in Unknown
Martial Arts
Master Unknown
Rank Unknown
Manhwa Debut
Part 2 Chapter 130 (back)
Chapter 133 (front)

Sophia is a member of the Black Forest Defence and member of Chun-Woo Han in the mission of claiming Seoul.[1]


She has a well shaped body and has a petite figure, relatively short with a relatively small bust.[2] She has her hair in an twin-tailed hairstyle with color of blonde[3]. She also has a butterfly tattoo at her nape [1].


Not much is know about her personality but she seems to be composed and collected as she was apparently positioned as Chun-Woo's right hand in the mission to claim Seoul.[4][5] She cares deeply about Chun-woo and the members of the group as well.


Post-New WavesEdit

Sophia is part of Chun-Woo Han team since after the events of Koa Tower. As she watched him drown himself in alcohol and refusing to rest while constantly going on reckless mission in his effort to forget what happened with Shi-Ho Lee and his former disciple Shi-Woon Yi. Trying to help him, as she suggested the Sedative Pill that will help him forget what happened [6].

The Breaker New WavesEdit

She is part of the group that joined Chun-Woo to claim Seoul where they walking to plane.[1] As she and the group was stopped by MSO group lead by Jung Lae Won. During the battle against Martial Arts Alliance within building she stands next to Chun-Woo calling him boss while the rest of the members are fighting against M.A.A. members.[4] Kang-Sung shows himself and effortlessly defeats the members of the team she asks Chun-Woo for some assistance and Chun-Woo steps forward while ordering her to take care of the left living team members.[5] When Shi-Woon Yi shows up in the building she wonders who he is along with the rest of her team. Seeing Chun-Woo deciding to leave and giving her the order to wrap things up she asks him why all of a sudden to which Chun-Woo responds that he lost interest.[7]

As Chun-Woo walking outside of MAA building but was stopped by Jung Lae again with even more men then before, Seeing the boss jumped into the air just before attacking the police seeing his true power and the poster of Goomoonyoung is God. As the S.U.C helicopter arrives to pick up Chun-Woo and his men ordering them that they are leaving.

She and the team staying and resting after the battles of the day. As she is sending the reports of the day to the Elders back at home base. Informing Julia of what she is doing and asking if she is used to seeing her friends being killed in action before getting the answer seeing Ryuji crushing into the room. Julia asked she if something is wrong with him but Sophia its not the time for it. Sophia walks to him asking him to leave it to the others to finish things here. And he is overdid that today and stop fighting in order to stay in top shape. The elder of S.U.C walks in and stopped everything before thing get out of hand. Ryuji turns and began to walk outside and they watch.

Sophia and the rest of the team started to leave hotel of S.U.C. Chun-Woo stopped before entering the car asking everyone if he had a disciple before. Seeing that he is hurting asking him if he is alright and willing to give him he's medicine but He told her no and he is going to find out what the memories are all about. Sophia turns and looks that the Elder of S.U.C. As the arrived at Seoul Tower entering the building seeing Chun-Woo in pain telling him to take him medicine or it will get worse if he waits begging him to take it now but turns it down again after remembering someone named Shioon Yi. Sophia asks that we need to focus on the mission for now. As she thinks that she was able to distract him and where the Elder went off too. Sophia and the rest of the team stand behind the boss. Hearing Julia speak of if he was a idiot or still immature of a blackout of a scale is already a big problem and even set fire to a city and the boss will forever be known as the worlds most dangerous terrorist. Sophia watchs everything it is going on.

After shots was fired to him began to think back to the time she was part of the team telling him to stop dont reckless missions. And hearing him wish for something to help him forget the past.

Back in the present thinking what Julia thinks of the boss is really strong but the real boss isn't like that at all but a kindred soul and that's why he'll always be put in a situations that puts himself in danger. As the everyone goings outside for the battle for Shioon and So Jung Chan. Soon as the fight started watching the fight closely but Jae-Kyu stopped the battle yelling that the switch will blow up the place that they are standing. But the rest of the team attacks Jae-Kyu and was defeating them shocking her as they fall to the ground. And watching a new fight as Jae-Kyu and the boss. With both of releasing their Ki before fighting feeling the air presser of Ki coming for them with even more as the launch their attacks. As she and the rest are watching a true battle between to masters. But was stopped by Shioon as he attack the boss and shocked by the attacks coming for him and knee before him asking him to become his master again. Be seeing Jae-Kyu about to attack once again and the boss killing him in one blow sending him flying to the ground. And hearing a two big banging sound and seeing Kang-Sung and Ju Sang-Sik land. As the boss tells everyone to cover the ears as Shi-Woon Yi used Cry of the Phoenix thinking that it's an acoustic attack and sees the active of Black Origin Threshold feeling a cold air presser coming for him. Seeing the boss walk up to him trying to clam him down but seen Shi-Woon punch him sending the boss flying backwards and seen a battle that she has never seen before. And happy that the boss hit Shi-Woon in the entranceway hole and as the boss stopped Shi-woon by breaking the arms and legs.

As the rest of Chun-Woo team is in the air, Julia ask why did he hand over the switch and asked about Shi-Woon and how dangerous he is. Sophia yells at Julia in order to stop her. And hears what the boss telling everyone that the place was set up with explodes as well.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Her skills and techniques are large unknown. As she server as Chun Woo Right Hand.



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