Soldiers Under Command
NW Chapter 061
English Soldiers Under Command (S.U.C.)
Founder(s) So Jung Chan (Deceased)
Headquarters None
Commander(s) So Jung Chan (Deceased)
Elder(s) Jae-gal (Deceased)
Captain(s) Active:
Yong-Hyun Yan
Ji-Woo Li
Ji-Gun Yoo
Other Members Chang-ho
Affiliation Former:

Black Forest Defence

Purpose Former:
Killing Shi-Woon Yi
Conquering Seoul
Joining Black Forest Defence

The Soldiers Under Command, better known as S.U.C. are members of the Murim that see Goomoonryong as their "god" and are supposedly all disciples of Goomoonryong, who obey his will to break the barriers between Murim and the normal world.


The S.U.C. members are of mainly of normal people with a small group of elite members of the Murim. The normal people know nothing about the Murim and seem to rely heavily on Murim drugs that gives them temporary access to power and Ki techniques. Judging from a conversation between Goomoonryong and a member of Black Forest Defence, it would seem that the S.U.C have had no contact with Goomoonryong and that they are merely using his name to gather followers.

All foot soldiers where black jumpsuits with skeleton designs on them, complete with hoods to hide member's identity. Shi-Woon Yi claims that the techniques that the members use are just cheap imitations of real ones used by Goomoonryong. So far it appears that through their actions, they wish to bring notice of the Murim world to the public by spray painting "Goomoonryong is God" and showing off their fighting skills. They are also involved with multiple crimes, including robbery, assault, murder, and kidnapping. These actions also blur the distinction between the Murim and normal world and they're becoming an increasing concern for the Alliance (which main mission is to hold a wall between both worlds). They are also shown trying to recruit more people by claiming that they can give them the power of God if they join the group, this power being a life threatening drug made by the Blood and Bones Clan.

The leaders have a deep interest in Shi-Woon, who is considered him to be a threat to their organization due to the fact he is widely known as the official disciple of Goomoonryong. This fear of Shi-Woon most likely stems from him being the only one in the world to truly train under Goomoonryong and so he could bring to light the fact they have used the name of Goomoonryong to gain strength and followers. They use a recording of Goomoonryong to inform their followers. It looks like Goomoonryong is giving them direct orders. The one in control of them seems to be So Jung Chan. Their current goal is to seize control of Seoul and present it to Goomoonryong.

It is revealed that S.U.C. used special Ki pills that affect the blood in the bodies of the people that take it resulting in the destruction of their body and inevitably death. However, he was punched unconscious by Shi-Woon before he reaches his self-destruction point.[1] The S.U.C. do not stick to the Murim ways of dealing with things and went as far as to using C4 to take out Shi-Woon and they were planning to escape in the chaos. For that reason under the S.U.C. skull-uniforms they were all wearing student uniforms. They are students from various schools. Some may even come from the Nine Dragons High School.[2]

Soldiers Under Command are willing to use bombs to kill Shi-Woon and kept the Martial Arts Alliance from moving out to stop SUC and Chun-Woo Han.


So Jung Chan and Jae-gal created the Solders Under command inorder to be remembered and not to be forgotted. After Chun-Woo Han known as Goomoonryong attacked the alliance, Jung Chan and Jae-gal choose to make Chun-Woo as their "God" using his name to gain members and fighters giving the five strongest fighters the rank of Captain with the title of Five Captains. After Jung Chan and Jae-gal choose Ryuji the former disciple of Un-Wol with the style of Black Heaven & Earth School as the strongest of the five. Moving on to Kwon-Young a member of the Four Supernovas. Yong-Hyun Yan join them in order to change the Murim. Ha-ru has send to S.U.C on the orders of Kaiser to search for Shi-Ho Lee. Ji-Gun-Yoo joined them as an spy but leaving them after shorten after joining them. Ji-Woo Li was the last member to join after Ji-Gun Yoo leave them.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Chang-ho was send to an park to fight the strongest fighter and gain more members to join them. So Jung Chan orders all captains of S.U.C. (with exception of Yong-Hyun Yan) to kill Shi-Woon Yi by invading Nine Dragons High School in order to kill him. [3]

After witnessing the encounter between Ryuji and Shi-Woon from the school rooftop, Ha-ru goes to finish off Ji-Gun Yoo only to be stopped by Ji-Woo Li. When Ha-ru asks Ji-Woo what she is doing, Ji-Woo tells her she was promised that she would leave him to herself. Ha-ru tells her she's the one at fault for missing out on her chance. She asks not to bother her and stay out of it. Not willing to listen Ji-Woo tells her Ji-Gun is hers and she won't let anyone else take him. As Ha-ru warns her to back off, if she wants to keep it up. She is suddenly contacted informing her the police are almost at the school. As Ha-ru lets Ji-Woo have her way, she begins to retreat, telling her to help other S.U.C members retreat. As Ji-Gun starts to stand up, he tells Ji-Woo her overheard her argument with Ha-ru. He asks her what's her reasons. Ji-Woo tells him, his life is hers and she doesn't want him dying in a lame manner. Ji-Woo starts to retreat and joins Ha-ru on the school yard. Knowing their out of time, Ha-ru informs Ryuji, about retreating. Ryuji then prepares to finish of Shi-Woon using Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike, in an attempt to finish him and escape.

A few days Chun-Woo Han come to Seoul waiting at a army base but was informed at he and his men came to the airport. As the battle against Martial Arts Alliance and the goverenmt he and his men with pick up by Jae-gal. Later on during the day waiting in a secret base for the pointed hour to begin. Later on during the night arriving at Seoul Tower walking into the tower broadcasting to the people of Seoul the power of Goomoonryoung power. As Jae-gal and three of the five captains went to stop the Sun-Woo Clan from getting to Chun-Woo, Jae-gal and Jae-Kyu Kwon by to begin there fight sending both Shi-Woon and Jung Lae Won run into the woods sencing the weaking killing intent coming from the around breaking though, As the three captain watching what is happen two of them start fighting but was broke up by Yong-Hyun Yan telling them to stop as Shi-Woon and Jung Lae are coming in fast. Seeing one of them men flying thou the air hitting a tree turn to see Shi-Woon with Jung Lae there telling him there's no way he can get to the tower soon a fight begin three on one. With Shinhyup Clan arrives saving both Shi-Woon & Jung Lae Won. With talking for whats about to start as Yong-Hyun is willing to take them to the Tower but most take Ji-Woo out of the area. After all of the fighting has ending with Chun-Woo and he men leaving. And most of the members have been defecting or being killed in Action and both leaders being killed. Causing the group to become inactive ending.

Martial ArtsEdit

Most of the members use techniques used Pseudo Techniques by Goomoonryong himself. After Shi-Woon observing them, He realised that these are not the real techniques but imitations used by the S.U.C. Their are only been two techniques seen so far:

  • Pseudo Soul-Crushing Strike: It using the same moves but it doesn't have the same power as the original technique. If it is used against the true Soul-Crushing Strike it will lose ground
  • Pseudo Walking Techniques: This foot technique is slower then the original as the original uses less stepped to use.

The only exception to these teachings are the members from captain level and above. They each have their own style. However, according to Shi-Woon, Cool Guy also used the "Fake" Walking Techniques.


The Strength of the S.U.C is unknown.


  • When first mentioned to Jin-Ie Kwon, she assumed the group's name was short for "suckers".
  • The actual meaning of S.U.C. is explained to Jang Joonho (who also thought it meant Sucker) by his friend Je-Shin, a non-murim person that he knows apparently from school.[4]
  • There are five commanders who lead the S.U.C, all of whom have a type of nickname or title as well as their actual name.
  • Three out the Five Captains have defected to different groups. Ha-ru went to Black Forest Defence and it was revealed that she was working for Kaiser all the whole time, Ryuji choose to leave the group after learing what he wanted and later left world of Murim, Yong-Hyun Yan agreed to help Shi-Woon in exchange of the safety Ji-Woo Li and later become part of Shinhyup Clan. The last two whereabouts are unknown.


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