So Jung Chan
So Jung Chan
Korean 혁정
Romanized Jo Jeong Cheon
Age Late 20's
Gender Male
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Murim, Heavenly Way School, Martial Arts Alliance, S.U.C.
Previous Occupation Commander of S.U.C.
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Heavenly Way School
Fighting Style Heavenly Way Style
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 65 (NW)
So Jung Chan was a member of the Heavenly Way School and senior of So-Chun Hyuk in the martial arts school. Considering his animosity towards the series' main protagonist Shi-Woon Yi, and the fact that he is secretly controlling the Soldiers Under Command. So Jung Chan is regarded as one of the main antagonists of the New Waves series.


So Jung Chan was a tall and slim young man. He had brown short wavy hair and wore a blue shirt, underneath a white suit along with a black tie.


He is highly manipulative, arrogant and brazen. He intentionally goads others even when to do so is highly questionable and not necessarily in his best interest. He has no problem with provoking his own family members and even greater martial artists. He is very cool under pressure, only becoming surprised when he is overwhelmed. In a flashback it's shown that So Jung Chan didn't really have much interest in becoming the heir to the Heavenly Way School and fully acknowledged So-Chun Hyuk was a true genius. However after hearing that So-Chun had saw Shi-Woon as a potential rival and never considered So Jung as a rival, he (So Jung) developed a inferiority complex and desired to make himself well known enough that people wouldn't forget him like Jae-gal. As So Jung Chan was attacked by two of his former S.U.C captains, he realized that he was being used the entire time which suggests So Jung often neglects small details that turns out to be important later on. During his dying moment after being poisoned by Ha-ru, he remembered the time when So-Chun first arrived to the Heavenly Way School and contemplated that he in truth always wanted So-Chun to look up to him as his senior. This implies that So Jung is actually very desperate for others to acknowledge and approve of him.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Shi-Woon moving back into the center of Sun-Woo..!Edit

So Jung Chan is introduced interrupting So-Chun Hyuk's phone conversation, questioning why he's on the phone so late. Noticeably surprised by his arrival So-Chun Hyuk finishes up his phone conversion, and greets him. So-Chun asks him what he is doing there, without notifying him. Telling him he's arrived to keep an eye on him, in case he's doing something unnecessary or what not. Unsure by his words So-Chun asks what he means, until he his attacked by him. So-Chun goes asks him what he is doing, until So Jung grabs his iPhone, tells him he was aiming for his phone and teases who he was calling so late. Asking for his phone back, So Jung laughs about him being mad and tells him they'll see how the Heavenly Way School head will react to him being mad. When So-Chun asks him to stop it, he holds out his hand asking for So Jung to return his phone, until he crushes the phone. So Jung and So-Chun begin stare each other down. They are interrupted by the arrival of Jae-gal entering the room, to which So Jung casually greets him. Jae-gal asks what's he is doing there without calling. He mentions main house orders, as they wanted him to keep a eye on So-Chun so he doesn't do something unnecessary. Jae-gal then asks him what he means. So Jung explains he's just kidding and that he is actually there as a representative of the Heavenly Way School for an upcoming union. As he beings to casually leave the room he says now that he has seen has lovely brothers face, he shall return. Telling So-Chun that whenever he wants to fight he just needs to throw his fist and that he's still waiting. Jae-gal tells him, he shouldn't say that. So Jung tells him if he was to fight him and lose, his place as head of Heavenly Way School might be in danger and walks out the room laughing. Outside Jae-gal tells So Jung he was surprised by the unannounced visit and that he has come a long way, refering to him as clan head.[1]

So Jung says he had heard the news but asks with the sudden movements of the Sun-Woo Clan at the current time. Jae-gal tells him it can't be certain yet but it would seem Shi-Woon Yi has a connection with the Sun-Woo Clan. So Jung asks him, Shi-Woon Yi as in Goomoonryong old disciple. Jae-gal tells him that it's correct. So Jung begins to smirk and says he sees the connection now. Jae-gal tells him he is correct and that the Sun-Woo Clan was under the rule of the union until they recently announced their Independence. In order to keep to the organization in order, they would have needed someone to take up leadership. If it was the disciple of Goomoonryong who almost destroyed the union single handily. Then he would be more than enough. In any bad case they are currently in bad situation, Sun-Woo Clan is one of the most dangerous enemies in the Martial Arts World. Even more so they'd we required to carry out their missions. So Jung interrupts asking shall they confirm it. Unsure what he means, he questions him. So Jung with big smirk on his face tells him let's see how strong the Sun-Woo Clan really are. Later on So Jung appears outside of the Sun-Woo Clan's building. Before heading into the bulding, he is told that he's ridiculously strong. So Jung starts laughing, until asked about after coming, is he really planning on doing it. So Jung calmly asks if something worries him. Mun-Gi Ma mentions the Sun-Woo Clan are one of the most dangerous clan within the Martial Arts World. Questioning doesn't it make his heart race, to learn what kind of monsters lie in wait, he proceeds to heads towards the Sun-Woo Clan's building. Entering the building he says the S.U.C.'s doctrine was similar to that of social gatherings of youngsters from the Martial Arts World and begins to attack Sun-Woo Clan's guards, with his leg technique. When four members of the Sun-Woo Clan appear, So Jung smirks asking if the real masters have come out now.[2]

Irrupting the conversation between Mun-Gi Ma and Jang-Il Jeong, he tells Jang-Il he's such a loud grandpa. They can hear him, and he should stop shouting, as no one's deaf like him. Asking if the Sun-Woo Clan picks their masters according to how loud they are. Jang-Il loses his temper and proceeds to attack him with a leg technique. So Jung raises his arms above his head and crosses them, intercepting the attack. Grabbing his leg, he turns and procedes to throw him upwards. Brushing his hands, he pulls his suit and tells everyone they could ruin his expensive clothes. Still angry towards So Jung, Jang-Il threatens to grind his bones to dust. Jang-Il proceeds to stare him down, until Jae-Kyu Kwon steps in. So Jung mocks him calling it a wise decision, as it's best not to humiliate himself in a losing fight. Jae-Kyu tells Jang-Il enough, and proceeds to question So Jung. Jae-Kyu asks him it seems he has come from Martial Arts Alliance, and would like to hear why he is making a ruckus. So Jung mentions pretending like he doesn't know, the entire Murim knows that recently people claiming to be the disciples of the Nine Arts Dragon has been making a lot of trouble, so he's come to make sure. Jae-Kyu calmly brushes off his claims and responds by asking is it the reason he attack the Sun-Woo Clan. So Jung tells him an unannounced investigation is one of the rights of the Martial Arts Alliance. If they told him they was coming they would hidden him away somewhere. Jae-Kyu glares at him and tells him they are not protecting the Nine Arts Dragon Disciple. So Jung gives off a small laugh and asks if they wouldn't mind if he takes a look around. When Jae-Kyu tells him they have the disciple as their Gaju. Suddenly surprised, So Jung questions his words. With a smirk on face he claims it is very interesting news, and that he's heard enough, along with reporting that to the Martial Arts Alliance. Jae-Kyu asks who gave him permission to go back as he pleases and attacks him with a foot technique sending him flying. As So Jung starts to gets up to catch his breath, he wonders what kind of attack he received and how he can attack so fast. Jae-Kyu asks what does he take the Sun-Woo Clan for and since he has been disrespectful of the Sun-Woo Clan, even if he is from the Martial Arts Alliance, or even if he is the head of the Martial Arts Alliance he will die. Begining to panic, he looks on with fear.[3]

Shi-Woon Yi falls into the trap of Blood & Bone School...?!Edit

While wondering about the true nature and power of Sun-Woo Clan, he remembers Jae-gal's advise. Telling Jae-Kyu Kwon even though he was hit due to careless, he's quite skilled himself. Jae-Kyu questions if he wants to see the Martial Arts of the Sun-Woo Clan, he says he's looking forward to it. While noting to himself about attack, defense and his plan to escape. Jae-Kyu hits him on the head with a foot technique. Starting to panic he backs away, trying to understand what happened and questions if he moved. Telling So Jung he's got good instincts, Jae-Kyu approaches him and sends him flying upwards. Stunned by his attack So Jung questions himself about being unable to follow him. Before attacking him, Jae-Kyu informs him of his technique's name, along with his next attack. After being kicked Mun-Gi Ma catches him before he collides with a column. Realizing that Jae-Kyu is the real thing he feels similar feeling from that he felt from his master. When Mun-Gi suggests he should escape and offers to cover for him. Telling him to stake his life just to escape, it makes him happy such a faction exists. When Shi-Woon Yi enters the building lobby, So Jung heads straight towards him claiming he's borrowing him.[4]

Approaching Shi-Woon Yi, he begins to shudder. Upon looking up he notices Gyu-Bum Yi and becomes overwhelmed by his Ki pressure. Shocked to find out there is a "monster" besides Jae-Kyu Kwon. Gyu-Bum attempts to strike him, but he manages to evade his attack. Seeing an opportunity to snatch Shi-Woon, he proceeds to do so. Shi-Woon attempts to defend himself by attacking, but So Jung avoids his attack and appears behind him. Grabbing hold of the boy, So Jung sends a warning to the Sun-Woo Clan, threatening to kill him, if anyone makes a step. When Mun-Gi Ma says he's gone to far, So Jung asks if he doesn't go this far, how will they make it out. When ordering Shi-Woon to his saying, he ignores his orders so he clenches Shi-Woon's neck complimenting his bravery and clenches his throat. Asking to let the Ganju go Jae-Kyu says he can leave, but warns him not to show up again, and threatens to destroy the entire Martial Arts Alliance, if it happens again. Letting Shi-Woon go he smirks and says he'll keep it in mind. Being driven away, after leaving the Sun-Woo Clan building, he's asked why he held a Ganju hostage and threatened the Sun-Woo Clan. So Jung asks was there any other way besides the one he used to get out. Annoyed by his fellow clan members So Jung kicks the seat in front of him, sending the driver out of control. When asked him what he is doing, So Jung says he asked the Heavenly Way School for help, but thought there methods were wrong. Leaving the car he starts to walk away and smirk, referring to his men as morons and grips his shoulder realizing it hurts from it was hit. Believing the Sun-Woo Clan to be an overwhelming clan, his phone begins to ring. Answering the phone Jae-gal asks how it went, after receiving word he got out. So Jung tells him it was an interesting experience, with them calling Shi-Woon Yi there new Ganju. When Jae-gal claims the Sun-Woo Clan sure got them a nice mascot, So Jung tells him even if he's only a Ganju by name. When asked if it was worth the trouble, he says it was since the Sun-Woo Clan and the Martial Arts Alliance can't work together. They'll be able to complete their objective when they are fighting each over and proceeds to smirk.[5]

When So Jung Chan is contacted by Yong-Hyun Yan, he's informed about the capture of Shi-Woon Yi, and his refuel to join S.U.C. So Jung laughs about Shi-Woon's refusal and tells Yong-Hyun he thought he was stupid, he didn't realize to that extent. Yong-Hyun tells him he's just too valuable to just kill off, to which So Jung questions his valuable, as he refers to him as moron with a shattered Ki-Centre. Tells him it's true but there's something special about him, So Jung asks him too cut the crap, as he's met him too and doesn't reserve any pity. Yong-Hyun tells him he understands and hangs up. So Jung refers to them all as idiots questions are they stupid. When Jae-gal appears asking what he told him. So Jung says he was saying the same thing. He said he saw something in him. Jae-gal asks didn't he become interested in him, because of that as well, So Jung tells him yes. But after he realized after he meet him. That's he's just an idiot to fall for an obvious trap like that, and screaming for death when had offered him a way out. Jae-gal questions if he would let him live, if he agreed. So Jung tells Jae-gal he's a bit too clever. Jae-gal laughs and tells him anyone would realize that. Jae-gal tells him in this situation, if he dies and they dress it up as a plot between One Moon School and Martial Arts Alliance, there will a be blood path between the two. So Jung agrees and says he is looking forward to it, and how the Sun-Woo Clan will react when they hear they've killed off their Ganju.[6]

Punching the Encirclement is for the Last Fight..!!Edit

Confronting Yong-Hyun Yan on a building rooftop, he asks why he did it, by letting him go. Yong-Hyun says it's as he's told him, they had a match and he lost. Frustrated So Jung Chan punches the wall beside him and questions if he think he's stupid. Knowing he was half a corpse, and injured, he could have easily captured him. Proceeding to ask again why he let him go, he demands him to talk or he'll kill him. Yong-Hyun says he was too precious to kill, to which he questions him about the idiot being too precious to kill. Telling him the reason he's cooperating with S.U.C. is because he wanted to make the Murim world perfect through the Nine Arts Dragon. He didn't think they have to picky about their methods but he was different. In whatever situation he was in, he didn't pay attention to any other methods and just crudely pushed on. So Jung claims that's why he is stupid, agreeing he says he realized that was the way of the Murim that he wanted from long ago. After seeing him confused, he questioned was it really right to justify his methods solely for his objectives. Telling him to shut up, he mentions is a person of the Murim, he is a captain of S.U.C. and asks is he betraying them. Yong-Hyun says it's the other way around and because of it he doesn't regret his decisions. So Jung becomes angry, asking if he really wants to die. Jae-gal intervenes asking them both to calm down, and questions if things are getting out of hand. He asks So Jung why doesn't he leave it at that, as he's heard what he wanted. Yong-Hyun is then told to wait further orders. Jae-gal tells So Jung since the order's been given, to go and rest. Yong-Hyun tells him from the moment he joined him he placed his life in his hands, so try to remember what they are fighting for. Walking away Jae-gal tells him not to worry about him, as he's stubborn, but that's why they can trust him and they've missed a great opportunity, so they'll properly have to give up on eliminating him. So Jung denies it, wanting kill him no matter what it takes. Jae-gal says it'll be difficult after this incident. So Jung Chan questions if they can't take care of an idiot like that, what does that make the S.U.C. Jae-gal informs him, the reason why it was so difficult is because of Sera Kang. He questions the name Kang, and asks who that is. Jae-gal says it's the new leader of the Mil-Yang Clan, known to be extremely clever since childhood. Asking why didn't they try to scout her earlier. Jae-gal informs him she was staying abroad and when her father was killed by the Nine Arts Dragon, and she came back taking his place. So Jung says if she has that kind of history with him, she won't join them so easily, and asks about Shi-Woon Yi, as he's the Nine Arts Dragon's disciple.[7]

While visiting the Martial Arts Alliance, he is seen talking with Kang-Sung, and another man with them. When the man mentions the Sun-Woo Clan declined to join them. So Jung says them he told them, as they are showing there true colours. The Man says there reason for them upsetting the entire Murim is becuase there looking for the people who attacked their Gaju, claiming it's an organization called S.U.C. Kang-Sung questions if it's the same organization causing trouble recently. So Jung says it's all a lie, as those S.U.C. are supposed to be the Nine Arts Dragon disciples, but a former disciple being attacked by them, and asks what kind of a joke that is. Kang-Sung tells So Jung the child is not a person to play tricks. When So Jung asks what he means, and if he knows him. Kang-Sung tells him from all the years in the Murim, he was the one who left him the biggest impression in the shortest amount of time. Even though he doesn't know what happened he's glad to see him back in the Murim again. So Jung tells him he doesn't know about the kid, but surely the Sun-Woo Clan most have other thoughts, as he's heard he left the Murim because his Ki Centre was shattered. Why would the Sun-Woo Clan make a kid who can't use Martial Arts there. The Man interrupts and tells him he'd heard his Ki Centre will be healed, with One Moon School volunteering to fix his Ki Centre. Shocked by his news So Jung looks at him unable to believe what he'd said.[8]

After summoning for Jae-gal he asks him if he's planning something or did he forget when he said to report every detail big or small about Shi-Woon Yi. Jae-gal tells him S.U.C. is carrying out a truly historic mission currently and when it's over they'll will gain the enormous strength of the Nine Arts Dragon and become powerful. Compared to that although that child has the Sun-Woo Clan at his call, he's still only a stupid helpless kid with a broken Ki Centre. Asking why everyone who's met him praises him, Jae-gal says he might be likable but that's different from fundamental different from him, who has the power to move history. When So Jung says he heard he's receiving treatment for his Ki Centre, Jae-gal says they know about it and it's possible if something were to go wrong, his Ki Centre may never recover again, because of that he doesn't think they see him outside the Sun-Woo Clan for a while. So Jung tells him no, as he is going to school again. Then questions him going to school in his condition. So Jung confirms it, as Ha-ru sent him a message. When Jae-gal says to wait a moment as it doesn't sense. So Jung stands up, slamming his coffee cup down on to the table, and asks Jae-gal if he said he the power to move history. Then why can't he kill of someone like that when he wants to. Jae-gal claims he understands and he'll give to orders to Ha-ru. So Jung says give it to all captains minus cool guy, tell them to stop everything they're doing and focus on killing him. Jae-gal tells him that would create a huge incident. So Jung tells him it's another chance after that initial failure. If they were to fail again he'll really crawl deep into the deepest parts of the Sun-Woo Clan. So while they have the chance to do it and kill him, with Jae-gal claiming he'll do as he wishes.[9]

Sat in the back of car, Jae-gal tells him according to witnesses, the injuries and bleeding had gone too far at the time and they were beyond death. So Jung Chan asks him if they still can't verify the body, how can he be sure about it. Jae-gal tells him, they can't discount the possibility that they might be alive, but what would it matter even if they aren't. He used excessive Ki to heal his injuries, so his Ki Centre is probably shattered. Plus the Swat Team is over there right currently. Since the line between the Government and the Murim is maintained by the Martial Arts Alliance, even if he is alive. He'll just cast another shadow over the alliance. Regardless of his death, the Sun-Woo Clan will be powerless.[10]

Stood in a underground car park, So Jung confirms they have suddenly changed their route from Seoul Airport. A surprised Jae-gal asks is it to Incheon Airport. Claiming they let him enter secretly using the foreign minister, he wonders why'd he would intentionally. Jae-gal cuts him off and says that the information was leaked, so that's why. So Jung questions Jae-gal over the goverment making preprations at Seoul Airport. Telling him the agency of national security planning's special force team had been dispatched. So Jung laughs and claims to think of him coming in Incheon Airport that's just like him, with Jae-gal agreeing. Later on while visting the Martial Arts Alliance Cheif, Kang-Sung tells him he didn't to come over. Denying his claims, he mentions he's been under his care so far, so it would be rude if he didn't visit. When he asks isn't it nice that Murim is so quiet right now, Kang-Sung says he's more worried about that, as the sudden silence seems like a calm before a storm. He tells him he's being to carefull, and asks what can the mighty Murim Alliance be affriad off. Telling him he needs to go as he has a meeting soon, Kang-Sung tells So Jung to be carefull on his way back, to which he tells him to stay safe. After leaving the meeting room, So Jung to thinks about Kang-Sung mentioning the calm before a storm, and starts to belive he's wrong as the storm has already begun.[11]

Sat down in an apartment with a drink in his hand. So Jung is informed by Jae-gal, that it's just as he predicted, Ryuji would betray them, and they've managed to silence him in return. Ha-ru tells him he doesn't have to worry about it anymore, as it's all over and what could go wrong if the muscle head is no longer with them. So Jung laughs and tells her he guesses so, and for them to struggle in vain while they can, as something terrible will happen soon.[12]

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


  • Advanced Master Martial Artist (Heavenly Way Style): So Jung Chan is an very powerful martial artist in his own right. His combat prowess was noticed by Gyu-Bum Yi to be superior to that of a normal master. He is able to clash with one of the elders of the Sun-Woo Clan, Jang-Il Jeong and push him back without much effort. When he demonstrated his skills in front of the members of S.U.C., he displayed moves which made most of the spectators think that he is the Nine Arts Dragon himself. However, after clashing with him, Shi-Woon observed that he isn't as strong as his junior So-Chun Hyuk. Later on it is shown that Jung Chan is not one of the strongest of the S.U.C despite being the commander as Ryuji, the strongest captain within the S.U.C. was able to easily beat him.
  • Experience: Jung Chan has gain experienced in martial arts over his years of fighting and training to the point of easily overpowering Shi-Woon in their fight. He is able to use his experience to sense incoming attacks which he used against both Gyu-Bum Yi and Jae-Kyu Kwon who are both powerful in their own right as Gyu-Bum Yi is a member of the Four SuperNova and a Jae-Kyu Kwon has the rank of Grandmaster and the second strongest of Murim.
  • High Observation Skills: He shows great observation skills that give him swiftness and speed in his movements enhancing his overall performance in a battle.



  • Jae-Kyu Kwon: So Jung Chan was shown to be affraid of Jae-Kyu's because of the level of Ki that he possessed. This was seen when Jae-Kyu was able to overpower him with ease.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: His hatred towards Shi-Woon was because he is the former disciple of Goomoonryong and tried to kill him on three different occasions. It is later indicated that his hatred for Shi-Woon is because So-Chun Hyuk acknowledes him as a worthy rival, while he himself has been passed over. When Shi-Woon activated his strongest technique Black Origin Threshold in response to Jae-Kyu Kwon being killed, Jung Chan became terrified of him and began to question what So-Chun meant when he said Shi-Woon is a special case.
  • Ha-ru: He believed her to be a loyal member of S.U.C, as she often acted intimately around him. She eventfully betrayed him, by leading him to the thought to be dead Ryuji, who intended to make him pay for his actions against him. When Ryuji leaves after their fight. Ha-ru attacked him with her weapon and revealing she'll be scolded, if she leaves any lose ends, and that even the nine arts dragon, is nothing more than a pawn to him. When she unleashes a great amount of Ki, he would run away, knowing he'll be killed. Noticing himself bleeding, Ha-ru reveals she attacked him a poisoned blade.

Heavenly Way SchoolEdit

  • So-Chun Hyuk: They share antagonistic relationship because of So Jung Chan's greed to take Seoul. A flashback showed that they didn't have the antagonistic relationship and Jung Chan was on a good term with his junior martial artist until he learned that his junior never saw him as a rival or anything special which started an inferiority complex in the older martial artist that lead him to become what he is right now. In fact it seems that the reason why Jung Chan hates Shi-Woon is because Hyuk said he saw something special in him. As So Jung Chan is dying from Ha-ru's poison, he contemplated that all he really wanted in the end was for So-Chun to acknowledge him as his senior in martial arts and proceeded to die in So-Chun's arms when he arrived with the latter crying for him as his senior like he always wanted.


  • Chun-Woo Han: So Jung Chan shows respect towards him.
  • Soldiers Under Command: he is the creater and founder of them having the highest command within the group giving them ordered
  • Jae-gal: He serves as his right hand man.


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