So-Chun Hyuk
So-Chun Hyuk
Korean 혁소천
Romanized Hyeok Socheon
Age Under 20
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Heavenly Way School
Martial Arts Alliance
Occupation Heavenly Way School So-Munju
Personal Status
Relatives So Jung Chan (Brother)
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Heavenly Way School
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 7 (The Breaker)
Chapter 48 (NW)

So-Chun Hyuk is the Assistant-Leader of the Heavenly Way School and a Martial Arts prodigy in the Murim world. He first started out as an antagonist to Shi-Woon Yi, but later becomes an Ally/Rival to him.


He is a young man with sleek black hair and many have commented on his good looks. He is often seen in formal attire.


He is a serious and smart individual. He attempts to defuse conflicts through words at first before dealing blows and such to his appearance -as shown when he first meets Shi-Woon and attempts to convince him to go along peacefully and tell him the location of Chun-Woo before attempting to knock him unconscious.

He is wise for his age, isolated from social connection to those around him and unused to conversation with people his own age. He has an introverted, clean, and straight disposition which seems to allow him to look at most things objectively, such as the many goings on in the Murim world and the actions of Murimins.

During his first meeting with Shi-Woon Yi he was unable to keep his cool as he gets caught up in Shi-Woon's glare, which appears to be unlike his usual self: 'I wasn't able to act calm, this is unlike me." -chapter 32- He feels fear when he fights Shi-Woon despite the overwhelming difference in strength.

He doesn't have much of a link to people his own age and often appears to be wishing for a friendship with Shi-Woon. He brings flowers to him after Goomoonryong shatters Shi-Woon's Ki-Centre and claims to admire Shi-Woon's determination and, for some reason, he can't stop thinking about Shi-Woon after their first meeting.

This behaviour seems to be very unlike him as he is constantly reaching out for Shi-Woon despite the difference in his usual actions. It shows off a lonelier side to his personality.

Other aspects of So-Chun Hyuk's personality is that he fears Goomoonryong and changes his icy disengaged style to a more determined one after meeting Shi-Woon, his objectives and personal aims in the Murim world are unknown, although it is certain that he is a genius martial artist he never clearly shows off in The Breaker what his own intents are, other than stabilizing the gap between the normal and the Murim world.

When it comes to his school he is very loyal and will not stand people to disrespect to the Heavenly Way, even a member of the Ten Grand Master.


The BreakerEdit

Man... a New Mise-en-scene of Fighting which They have Created!Edit

So-Chun is first introduced at meeting of Murim.[1]

After fighting with Shi-Woon Yi, So-Chun is later intrigued by him because Shi-Woon was the first one to survive a fight with him through determination alone and later aids him when he is escaping from the Murim alliance. He especially becomes surprised on how Shi-Woon was able to accomplish all that he had after only training for a month. With this, a desire grew within So-Chun to watch Shi-Woon to see how strong he could possibly become. There are also scenes where he shows admiration and worry when Shi-Woon is mentioned or gets hurt. It was said that nobody else has made the perfect So-Chun's heart skip a beat when he sees the determination and fighting spirit Shi-Woon possesses, despite being a newbie in the martial arts world. In the later chapters of the first arc, he was very disturbed and in a panic when Shi-Woon is being strangled and wanted to save him. Later, he then visits Shi-Woon with a bouquet of roses in the hospital after the fight at the Koa Business Tower, and informs Shi-Woon about his broken ki center and what happened to his teacher. Shi-Woon dismisses him coldly and told him to leave him alone. Ever since then, So-Chun had not been seen talking or interacting with Shi-Woon.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

While on the phone, So Jung Chan would interrupt So-Chun's phone conversation, asking him why he is on the phone so late. Noticeably surprised by his arrival So-Chun finishes up his phone conversion, and then greets So Jung. So Jung tells him he was awake for longer than he thought. So-Chun tells him he was reading reports from the branches but before that he asks him what he is doing there, without notifying him. So Jung replies that he is to keep an eye on him in case he is doing something unnecessary. Unsure by his words So-Chun asks what he means. So Jung then proceeds to attack So-Chun. As So-Chun asked him what he was doing. He cuts him off, holding his phone, and telling him was aiming for his phone. He then teases him asking who he was calling so late. So-Chun starts to get angry asks for him to return his phone to him, as his jokes are a bit too much for him. He laughs about him being mad. So Jung then tells him shall they see how the head of the Heavenly Way School reacts when he's mad. So-Chun asks him for them to stop it. He holds out his hand asking for So Jung to return his phone. He then proceeds to crush his phone. So Jung and So-Chun begin to stare each other down.

The two then are interrupted by the arrival of Jae-gal entering the room, who tells So-Chun there is another report for him. He is then surprised to see So Jung. So Jung casually greets him. Jae-gal asks him what he is doing there without calling. He tells him main house orders. They wanted him to keep an eye on So-Chun so he doesn't do something unnecessary. Jae-gal then asks him what he means. He explains he is just kidding and that he is actually there as a representative of the Heavenly Way School for an upcoming union. As he beings to casually leave the room he says now that he had seen has lovely brothers face, he would return. He then tells So-Chun that whenever he wants to fight he just needs to throw his fist and that he's still waiting. Jae-gal then tells him, he shouldn't say that. So Jung tells him if he was to fight him and lose, his place as head of Heavenly Way School might be in danger. He then proceeds to walk out the room laughing. Jae-gal then asks him to wait. Jae-gal tells So-Chun that he will see So Jung out.[2]

So-Chun is later seen practising and mastering the lost technique "Fierce Tiger Strike" after changing the flow of his Ki. His trainers look on with shock, due to the short amount of time spent learning the technique. So-Chun tells them he has only learned the basic movements. His teachers ask him to hold off the humility. They start to talk about the rumours that surrounded him. They told him they had wondered why the Heavenly Way School had chosen such a young disciple, but after his display they could see why. So-Chun fails to respond and becomes silent.[3]

After So-Chun learned of the supposed death of Shi-Woon Yi he became shocked by the news. He contacted Jang Joonho and set a meeting with him. While waiting for Jang Joonho, many girls saw him and commented on how handsome he was without him noticing. After Jang Joonho arrives they met Sera Kang and asked her if Shi-Woon was alive and she told them that he was alive. So-Chun asked to meet him. After calling Shi-Woon Sera told the two where to find him and they go to visit. Arriving at the Sun-Woo clan they are greeted by Ha-Ill Gang and informed that Shi-Woon was pleased that So-Chun was visiting. After entering and seeing a motionless Shi-Woon upright on his bed, So-Chun Hyuk was hit by the extreme emotions Shi-Woon had left on him, the chaotic memories of how he would not submit. Flustered, he was met with a new man before him, more prominent in presence and physically looming. So-Chun Hyuk asks if Shi-Woon remembers him to which that answer was that he does remember him as they had been fighting all that time. Confused, So-Chun didn't know what that meant as he hadn't known that Shi-Woon had been entering the state of Outer Body Training Method to train and he was his opponent. So-Chun becomes surprised more when Shi-Woon asked him to do him a favour which, was to fight again.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Heavenly Way Style): So-Chun is considered a genius who has mastered the 5 forms of Heaven's Will.[4] As is expected of someone of his position his distribution of Ki is natural. He can stop a punch strong enough to break stone with relative ease. He is fast enough to execute moves that are difficult to react to. He is strong enough to crush a wooden board by compressing both ends, causing the wood to unravel into shreds.[5]Chun-Woo himself described Hyuk as someone who reached the top of the martial arts world. It is also shown that he was able to hold himself fairy well against Goomonryong while he was in Black Origin Threshold state, which amazed the witnesses. However he himself admitted that the damage of his attacks were superficial at best and was eventually overpowered by Goomoonryong even when he was fighting with three of the Five Protectors of the Heavenly Way. 

Techniques Edit

  • Heavenly Way Punch: This technique is a Gwongyuk of the Heavenly Way School. The force of this attack is so great it can send an opponent flying and embed them into any physical structure the opponent crashes into. It is said that it is almost impossible to take the blow and survive.[6]
  • Foot Techniques: So-Chun has shown an amazing feat of superhuman speed, being able to catch up to and surpass a taxi Shi-Woon was in.[7]
  • Fierce Tiger Strike: When the practitioner withdraws the left hand the flow of Ki changes. Hence, in order to use it the practitioner must change the Ki-Flow and use a heavier Ki. The practitioner then punches forward. It is a Ki strike capable of effortlessly breaking a wooden stake in half.[1]
  • Silver Dragon Strike: A strike with throwing characteristics that sends the opponents flying upwards.[8]


  • Shi-Woon Yi: initial enemy but turned ally.
  • Jang Joonho: So-chun is close with Joonho as fellow students and as brother.
  • So Jung Chan: They share antagonistic relationship because of Jung-chan's jelaousy and inferiority complex.
  • Chun-Woo Han: Not exactly direct enemies as So Chun is after him only due to his connection with the Martial Arts Alliance.
  • Kang-Sung: Kang-Sung is a person he respects and an older brother in the ways of the Murim.


The BreakerEdit

  • "Nice to meet you leader. I'm Hyuk So Chun from Chun-Do-Moon." -Hyuk when he met the Alliance Chief.
  • "So weary... After coming down from the mountains all I've done is meet person after person for a whole week. I wonder if this weariness will subside when I meet him? I hope I can meet him soon... Goomoonryong, him!!" -Hyuk desire to meet Goomoonryong.
  • "Is this coincidence? The sudden appearance of the Nine Arts Dragon together with the disappearance of 3 of the One Moon Divine Dans." -Hyuk thinking about the events that happened.
  • "Goomoonryong... The city he's in... I want to meet you soon. Goomoonryong!" -Hyuk while searching for Goomoonryong.
  • " I can feel some Ki in the proximity of that child. A phenomenal amount of Ki I've never sensed before..." -After seeing Shi-Woon for the first time.[9]
  • "Yes! It is impossible that such a person exists! I will not believe it! Stories that are unexplainable through logic!" -Hyuk after seeing Shi-Woon getting up after he sent him flying.[10]
  • "Impossible... To get up after getting with that punch! Absolutely impossible! He... He got up again? is, is this even possible? What is this feeling of nervousness?" -Hyuk after punching Shi-Woon.[10]
  • "What is this feeling? It feels like my heart will explode! From that kid? Why! He knows he can't win. But... why does he continue to fight when he knows he doesn't stand a chance." -Hyuk while looking a Shi-Woon slowly approaching him.[11]
  • "A world I did not see... A world I did not know... Such feeling I've never felt before... This feeling of passion and agony!" -Hyuk after being defeated by Shi-Woon.[11]
  • "It seems, beside those of the martial arts world I thought of, there are quite few more incredible people out there." -Hyuk making a reference to Shi-Woon.[12]

The Breaker: New WavesEdit

  • "What? I just saw him a few hours ago... But why does he feel like a stranger? What are you? Yi Shi-Woon who are you really..." -Hyuk after seeing Shi-Woon in the Martial Arts Alliance building.[13]
  • "I believe that there are two kinds of superhumans in this world. The first is the ones who exceed the boundaries of human abilities... and the second, which is scarier than the first, are the ones who surpass the instincts of mankind" - about Chun-Woo Han and' Shi-Woon Yi 'to Jae-Gal.[14]


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