Simgichehon refers to the basic composition of a person.



The person is composed by the Simgichehon which refers to four parts:

  1. Sim (Mind): The ability to think and generally in the mental process of the person.
  2. Gi (Breath): It is mainly known as Inner Energy (Ki) and it is the life force in all creation.
  3. Che (Body): The materials that make up the body including bones and muscle. In other words the physical structure of the body.
  4. Hon (Soul): or otherwise the spirit. It represents the will and determination to achieve something.

These four areas are tied together forming the person and they usually strengthen and weaken together.[1]

Unbalanced ComponentEdit

The balance between the four components is what ties the person and a possible unbalanced component could result in the downfall of the person as a whole. This although mainly refers to the inferiority of one component in relation to the rest. Exception to this is the Gi or Ki which, until now, is equally dangerous whether it is superior or inferior to the rest of the components.

Sim (Mind)Edit

  • Inferior: If the Sim is inferior to the other three opponents then the individual is unable to achieve the potential level of the body. This is due to the inability of the individual to absorb and examine information crucial for the individuals development.
  • Superior: Superior Sim would simply result in the inability of the individual to reach the level that the mind can understand.

Gi (Breath)Edit

Unbalanced Gi in relation to the other three components is witnessed in the case of the Yin Body Type cases. The natural flow of the Ki is affected resulting in the disruption of the balance between the Ki and the other three components.

  • Inferior: Inferior Ki results in the instability of the body and causes health problems. The result is the affected growth of the body and its weakened state due to lack of sufficient Ki circulating in the body.
  • Superior: Superior Ki can cause the body's break down or even complete destruction of it resulting in death (see Che (Body) below).

Che (Body)Edit

The body is the vessel holding of the person's Ki. Hence, it is of utmost importance for the Gi and Che to be balanced.

  • Inferior: If the body is inferior to the other three components and, mainly, inferior to the Ki amounts that are produced in it then the body is rendered unable to hold. The body, in its effort to match the level of Ki in it, it exceeds its limits resulting in it bursting whenever the person puts pressure on it. If the components are significantly unbalanced then the body can potential break down completely resulting even in death. [1]
  • Superior: Superior Che would simply render Gi insufficient for the body's functioning leading to various health problems. One sucb example are the Yin Body Types as explained above.

Hon (Soul)Edit

Hon or Spirit is what determines whether the person has the courage and will to put effort in archiving the set goals.

  • Inferior: If the spirit is weak then the rest of composition falls behind due to the person's lack of determination to put effort. For example, (in relation to Sim) no matter how intelligent an individual is, if he is not determined to put effort he will not achieve his goals.
  • Superior: Superior Hon would only result in an individuals constant effort to develop further without satisfying outcome. The lack of equal Che could lead someone to put the body in constant danger by overexerting it.


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