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Shinhyup Clan
Shinhyup Clan
Romaji Shinhyup
Head Ji-Gun Yoo
Allied Organization Murim
Sun-Woo Clan (unofficial)
Specialty None

Shinhyup Clan is an unofficial Martial Artist Clan sent by Sera Kang to protect the students of Nine Dragons High School from S.U.C. They were formed by Ji-Gun to counter the S.U.C. some time ago. Ji-Gun tried to execute Shi-Woon when they met in an effort to recruit Sera into this group to saved students from S.U.C.



The Clan was formed by Ji-Gun Yoo. The members are all martial artists that have grudge against the S.U.C. and the purpose of the clan was to oppose the S.U.C.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Well, more than a clan, it's the alliance of the young promising future master of the different Murim clans. To rephrase it, it's more of a new face of Murim alliance.

Known MembersEdit


Known MembersEdit


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