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The Breaker

Volume 1

Shi-Woon is being bullied by Chang-ho and his gang whe extort money from him. When they finally leave him alone an old man appears asking him for the way to the teachers' office while teasing him for being bullied. On his way to class and wondering where to find the money for Chang-ho, Sae-Hee calls out to him. She asks about his injuries but Shi-Woon walks away. Getting angry with his situation he remembers Chun-Woo Han's teasing wondering what was wrong with him. In class, much to Shi-Woon's surprise, Chun-Woo introduces himself as the homeroom teacher replacing Im Jung Im. Noticing Shi-Woon, he starts teasing him again, while Shi-Woon feels awkward and embarrassed. Chang-ho shouts to Chun-Woo to start the class and Shi-Woon comments on how he could challenge the teacher. He is further surprised by Chun-Woo's chickening out of the argument and shows his fear towards Chang-ho. On his way to his home he sees a poster about a martial arts gym but passes by it. At home he finds a note and money from his mother telling him about his meal but he immediately leaves to go look for the martial arts gym on the poster. When he almost sees it he notices Chun-Woo Han being attacked and goes closer to see Chun-Woo Han effortlessly defeat them.[1]

He is peeping on Chun-Woo flirting with Bae Yoonji and wonders what he is when Chang-ho's gang appears and drags him to the toilets where Chang-ho is waiting. He is asked for the money and is beat up until he gives them to Chang-ho. After they leave he starts crying when he sees Sae-Hee coming in and runs away hating himself for yelling at her. He goes to the roof to commit suicide when suddenly Chun-Woo kicks him of the roof but he manages to hang on the handrails. Chun-Woo lectures him and he promises to never try it again and as he tries to grab Chun-Woo's hand the handrails break and they start to fall. He wakes up on a bench wondering what happened to him and to Chun-Woo.[2]

He walks down the corridor wondering what happened when he notices glasses on his shirt. Then he sees the Vice Principal questioning an unnamed student about his car. During class the teacher calls up Shi-Woon asking about the bullying which he heard by a girl but Shi-Woon denies it fearing Chang-ho who says it was just a trifle argument. Forced by the teacher he shakes hands with Chang-ho and gets scared from Chang-ho's threat that he will see his girlfriend soon. When she gets home his mother is there getting ready to leave again. He asks her if he can change schools without explaining any reasons to which she argues as to why he has to change schools without reason. The discussion is interrupted by a call from her boss and leaves telling him that she left money for his dinner. Shi-Woon sits in the empty house looking back at the video of Chun-Woo beating up the street thugs.[3]

Despite Shi-Woon's efforts to hide the next day, Chang-ho finds him and orders him to bring Sae-Hee after school, bringing Shi-Woon to despair. While Chun-Woo is flirting with Bae Yoonji, Shi-Woon goes to him to thank him for saving him and confirm Chun-Woo's skills as martial artist. When the Vice Principal calls Chun-Woo he takes Shi-Woon and runs away pretending to have a serious discussion. After getting away Chun-Woo pretends that he is normal and when seeing the video taken by Shi-Woon he destroys it, although Shi-Woon confirms the existence of copies. Shi-Woon uses that to ask for help with Chang-ho but Chun-Woo tells him that he should fight back if he is in despair and show courage. Wondering what to do and his fear of getting hurt makes him decide to bring Sae-Hee as ordered. At that moment Sae-Hee shows up stating that she was looking for him.[4]

They are seating on a bench and talk about their past together. Then, Sae-Hee brings up the "bullying rupour", apologizes for not knowing anything and offers to help in any way. That moment Shi-Woon seems tempted to bring Sae-Hee to Chang-ho. Later, while Chang-ho and his gang wait, Shi-Woon shows up alone and states that she is not coming while punching one of them. The guy punches Shi-Woon back but Chang-ho stops them asking Shi-Woon's explanation. The fighting starts and Shi-Woon fights back while thinking that he hates his scared self. At night Chun-Woo comes across a beaten up Shi-Woon who mutters unconscious that he isn't a trash.[5]

Shi-Woon wakes up from the nightmare of Chang-ho attacking him and finds Chun-Woo next to him. He tells him that he now understand Chun-Woo's talk about courage. He asks him to tach him martial arts so he can fight and threatens him to upload the video if he declines. Showing that he has the resolve to die for this, he is taken on a bridge where his courage and resolve will be tested. Showing his resolve he jumps and asks for help before he faints. He wakes up in a hospital with Chun-Woo next to him. Stating that he showed that Chun-Woo is the only person he has faith in, he makes Chun-Woo admit to teach him.[6] The next morning Shi-Woon goes to school he hear a noise from the roof and rush to check. [7]


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