Seung-Jae Bae
Seung-Jae Bae
Nickname Genius Doctor
Age 30's
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Forest Defence, Blood & Bone School
Previous Affiliation S.U.C., One Moon School
Occupation Independent "Street Doctor"
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Martial Arts
School Blood & Bone School
Fighting Style Blood & Bone Style
Rank Practitioner
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 17 (NW)

Seung-Jae Bae is well known as the "Genius Doctor" for his incredibly skilled medical expertise. he is part of the most notorious Bones & Blood faction, which was destroyed by the Alliance 30 years ago.


He has shoulder length black hair and wears a cap. While he follows the lifestyle of a homeless man, he is actually quite wealthy. It was later revealed that he wore a wig that covered his eerie eyes and forehead with visible veins standing popping from the skin.


He is a cruel and insensitive person due to his occupation. He is willing to cut a person and in order of making medicine is something that brings him joy. As expected of his reputation and level on medical skills he is an intelligent person and this is his source of confidence in every situation that makes him believe that he can manipulate and win over others.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

Seung-Jae Bae is first introduced when Jang-Il Jeong takes Shi-Woon Yi to see him, to confirm the destruction of his Ki-Center.[1] Bae tells the elder that Shi-Woon possesses great powers of recuperation due to taking an extremely powerful spirit medicine. He later reveals the Sun-Woo Clan's deception to Shi-Woon who at first refuses to believe him. Before Shi-Woon departs, Bae tells him that it is possible to regain his martial arts. Later on in the series, Shi-Woon returns to Bae after having been chased by Chang-ho and the S.U.C. He asks for help regaining his martial arts and the doctor gives him a special spirit medicine that activates the Ki in Shi-Woon's body. While temporary, it allowed Shi-Woon to battle the S.U.C.

Throughout the series he has been seen conversing with Won-Jae Hyun. They negotiated a trade where Bae would provide blood to Won(Shi-Woon's blood) in exchange for the use of the One Moon School's labs. In order to obtain this blood Bae would make a separate deal with Shi-Woon where Shi-Woon would give his blood to Bae in exchange for "spirit medicine" which would temporarily allow Shi-Woon to retain control of his Ki and therefore be capable of fighting. In recent chapters it has been revealed that Bae considers this blood as well as Shi-Woon to be "living ingredients" and treats them as such, as well as the fact that he is capable of altering the "spirit medicine" to maintain the effect indefinitely but shows no interest in doing so.

In order to obtain more blood from Shi-Woon Bae went to great lengths, even going so far as attacking Shi-Woon's mother. His plan was to to futher increase Shi-Woon's hated for the S.U.C. by letting them attack his mother. He hoped that Shi-Woon would than ask him for more Spirit Medicine to be able to fight them. This way he could fool Shi-Woon in meeting him alone. Shi-Woon falls perfectly into this trap and is knocked out by a drink Bae gives to him. Shi-Woon is later seen captured by Bae (tied by him to a chair) and is about to be ripped apart for "living ingredients" to make a drug that could assist the S.U.C. in their ambitions.[2]

His true appearance was revealed later when he tried to retrieve Shi-Woon who had just been saved by Sera Kang.[3] Seung-Jae was defeated by Shi-Woon after he tried to kill Sera.

He was later seen with Alex porterning special pills that he has made for Soldiers Under Command. As he and Alex talking about Chun-Woo change personality as he has forgotten everything that has happen in the last few months, Seung-Jae believes that he is take Sedative Pill.

After the funeral of Jae-Kyu Kwon, Seung-Jae Bae is seen talking with Kaiser and receiving his payment for giving Chun-Woo Hand the medicine that temporarily erased his memories. After receiving payment, Jang So-Sul questioned him about what he knew of Shi-Woon before killing in the same manner as Black when he revealed that he fought Shi-Woon and referred to him as an idiot.

Abilities & TechniquesEdit


  • Genius Doctor: He had great medical skills since he was able to create pills that allowed individuals with broken Ki-center to use martial arts. His nickname that everyone knew (Genius Doctor) and his reputation was further proof of his medical skills.
  • Night Vision (Yah Myung Ah): Using the secret arts of the Blood & Bone School he had enhanced his eyes to the point of being able to see clearly even in complete darkness. Although he sees things a little differently than normally. Further explanation has not been given.[3]



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