Like her teacher, Sera displays the same techniques ans style as he, being able to counter throw.

  • Yae-Won: It has been stated that she is Sera's teacher, whu would later help Shi-Woon's training as well.


In general, she actually does not have much friends at all. This may would later help Shi-Woon's training as well.

  • Ji-Gun Yoo: The two seemed to have met prior their introductions, with her agreeing to join his Shinhyup Clan and agreeing to help her kill Shi-Woon before the matter shitfed otherwise.
  • Bodyguard(s): Other the the general, small group who interact with her, she seem to have natural connections with her bodyguards. Sometime can be comical between, Also it seem her bodyguard have been around her for must of her life.
  • Jin-Ie Kwon: Although no longer enemies, Jinie is still easily annoyed by Sera's seemingly cold attitude and condolences for death of Jinie's grandfather.
  • Ha-Ill Gang: Sera works well with Ha-Ill had factored his help plans more then once. aside from Shi-Woon, Sera appears to get along the best with Ha-ill.


  • Shi-Woon Yi: At first the two of them mortal enemies, as the master of the latter killed her grandfather in the past, Eventually, though meeting his resolve in "Never Giving Up," she would befriend him, also making her entire clan defend him as well. she would then have much more interactions with him once he accepts to be tutored under her knowledge. Soon enough, her feeling begin to grow upon his ideals of friendship, in which had begun to sprout when she asked him if he would save her if she was in trouble (he answers that he would put all effort in rescuing her). Upon hearing that, she smiled like had not done in years. Later on, she would try to create a rescue-plan to ultimately save Shi-Woon when he was in trouble. And upon meeting him, she kisses him in order to get him to swallow the pill to regain consciousness. She risks her life on the line to save him, never screaming for the pain, Even though she got multiple wounds, because she wanted Shi-Woon to escape without worrying about her. When Ha-Ill came by and asked her if she liked Shi-Woon she confirmed it by saying that he is attractive.