Sera was raised by her grandfather Jar-oh after her parents passed away as an child. After her grandfather had been killed in battle against Goomoonryong, When the news of what happen to her grandfather she begin to plan her revenge against him. Since Goomoonryong has left leaving his former disciple Shi-Woo Yi chose to target him instead.

The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

She makes her first appearance overlooking Shi-Woon Yi, when Ji-Gun confirms Shi-Woo as "The Elders Enemy". Sena and Shi-Woo meets for the first time when Ji-Gun Yoo luring him into entering the school building, at the first the encounter seems peaceful, as she offers him tea, but things sour quickly. Sera gives him an ultimatum, Find Goomoonryong in a week's time, or she will kill him. However, Shi-Woo later explained that Sera knew he could no longer performs martial arts due to his broken Ki center then she must also know that Goomoonryong was the one who did that to him, and that she knew he cold never have contacted Goomoonryong in the amount of time she gave him.

Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

After an week, Sera stands to witness Shi-Woon battle against Ji-Gun. Througout most of the battle, Shi-Woon is demolished by her friend, but the moment he is able to land an single hit on him before fainting, Ji-Gin gives up and leaves making the deal for Sera to join his Anti-S.U.C group nullified. He then backed down from killing Shi-Woon; but after he left, members of the Mil-Yang Clan immediately entering the building and demanding that Sera taking responsibility for Ji-Gun's loss and kill Shi-Woon herself.

As she refuses, despite Shi-Woon being the disciple of the man who killed her grandfather, she feels that it is wrong to do him harm. The memebers of the clan then take up her responsibility, while suggesting that she hands over the position of the Clan's head, and prepare to kill the unconscious disciple. However, The Sun-Woo Clan's elite fighters, Ha-Ill Gang and Dae-San Han, appear and quickly dispatch Mil-Yang members: but just as they are about to eliminate them completely, Shi-Woon wakes up and ordering them to stand down. This infuriates Ha-ill, sho forces Shi-Woon unconscious, but Sera proposes to end the conflict by mentioning that surveillance has recorded the action of both the Sun-Woo Clan's and the Mil-Yang Clan's fighters her protection of her people from the Sun-Woo Clan has insured her position as the Mil-Yang Clan's head.

S.U.C A New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Makes IT's Appearance!!Edit

Because of the conflict between the Sun-Woo Clan and her Clan, her position as the Mil-Yang Clan's head has been guaranteed and she is no longer Shi-Woon enemy. As she feels indebted to Shi-Woon and willing to offer she body to Shi-Woon or the Clan itself. As Shi-Woon encounters more and more problems with the S.U.C., Sera begins to play a pivotal role as his ally. When Shi-Woon is attacked and injures himself by atempting to use a Ki Technique without an Ki, Sera helps bandage him up and begins to inform of the S.U.C and the Murim

After the battle between Shi-Woon's and Chang-ho with the S.U.C two captains, Sera takes him to the Mil-Yand hospital to treat him. She infroms that his must stay at her Clan's hospital will allow him to sort out his enemies and allies. She also becomes his personal tutor in the history of the Murim and introduces him to her teacher, Yae-Won group leader, so that she can teach him the Outer Body Training Method, which will allow himto train himself in martial arts despite the lack of Ki Center. She creates generic copies of the pill that Seung-Jae Bae gave Shi-Woon.

Later, she the report to Shi-Woon that Jin-Ie Kwon is in danger, being chesed by the S.U.C. before seeing Shi-Woon departing she asks him if she was in the same situation would he come to her rescue her. As he ansers without doubts to try saving her with all his risks out of the window.

Sera is a firm beliver of what's in Shi-Woon's best interests and will do whatever it takes to aid him in his growth, even if it means hiding the fact the his mother is in a comatose state from him. When Shi-Woon confronts Sera and his mother, a rift is born between them, causing Shi-Woon to turn Seung-Jae Bae for more pills. After finding out the Shi-Woon was kidnapped as well bing scolded by Jin-le, Sera hatches a rescue plan and convinces Hyun Won-Jae, one of Seung-Jae backers and head of the One Moon School to aid her, or else rick his clan's ruin.

Sera succeeds in infiltrating the hideout, finally bing ale to reach Shi-Woon. To sustain his consciousness, she actually kisses him mouth-to-mouth in order to get in a blood-supplement pill for him to swallow. Now awake, she tries to bringing him back outside to leave where Won-Jae is, but before she is able to carry Shi-Woon out of there, she is stopped by Seung-Jae. First easily countering him, Seung closes all lights in order to use it as an advantage, as his revealed, disgusted face, seem to be nocturnal.

She then orders Shi-Woon to keep walking straight forward to "turn on the lights" while she tries to fend his off in the dark. A worried Shi-Woon is now able the other side, however, there is no switch, rather, there is the door exit. Revealing her intention, She had originally wanted him to escape and leave her to die. Now opening the exit and having light enter the room, Sera is seen cut up and stabbed, bleeding on her knees, followed by a direct stab to her stomach. Though all this, she never once cried out or screamed, in order for Shi-Woon's worries to perish.

Nonethless, sHi-Woon, though ridiculous rage (Black Origin Threshold), he demolishes Seung-Jae and carries her out, in search of help. Though the way, she then apologized, admitting that her feelings for him having truly grown, and that on one had never looked at her in that kind of matter like he did. Now unconscious and on the brick of death. Won-Jae arrived and dispatches her. Eventually, they reach the car after Shi-Woon single-handedly pushed of numerous S.U.C. and defeats Cool Guy. At the car, Shi-Woon orders them to heal Sera first before worrying about his own injuries. She awakes in the hospital right before Shi-Woon would come to see her.

She calls Shi-Woon and trys to tell him about Sae-Hee, before he can hear her though. Sae-Hee asks to speak to Shi-Woon alone. As Shi-Woon heads outside to talk, Sera tells Jinie about Sae-Hee actually being an impersonator. Sera contacted Shi-Woon when he was outside the school to tell him to get away from there, but before he and Jang-Il Jeong could get away, Ha-ru activates the bombs in the S.U.C.'s vans causing a huge explosion that blew out the windows and rocked the school.

Post Invasion of Nine Arts SchoolEdit

She and the members of the Sun-Woo Clan travel helicopter to rescue Shi-Woo.

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