Sera Kang
NW Chapter 187
Korean 강세라
Romanized Gang Sera
Age 18
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Mil-Yang Clan
Artists' Society
Occupation Mil-Yang Clan Ganju
Nine Dragons School Principal
Personal Status
Relatives Jae-Oh Kang (grandfather, deceased)
Master Yae-Won
Status Active
Martial Arts
School Artists' Society
Fighting Style Artists's Society Style
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 1 (NW)

Sera Kang is a major and prominent character introduced in New Waves. She is a member of the Mil-Yang Clan and is currently the clan's head.


Sera is a young, slender girl with ears that stick out of her long, black, straight hair. She is often wearing formal attire. Other clothing she had worn would be general clothing, whether it'd be a long or short-sleeved shirt with shorts or skirts. In her initial introduction with her meeting with Shi-Woon, the latter had remarked his first impressions of her to be "a very beautiful, kind-looking young lady."

She is a very forward girl and with her expression-less face, it is hard to determine what her true intentions are. Sometimes, she may be seen wearing glasses, generally and probably for reading intentions, as seen when doing paperwork or helping teach Shi-Woon.


Sera is a fairly reserved person, never showing her emotions to anyone. That being said she never boasts of her own strength or position to anyone. She is cool, calm, and collected - not once has she lost her temper or her composure throughout the series, even in the most troubled situations. In several moments of the series, she does not even care if stressed individuals insult her, those consisting of Won-Jae, Ha-Ill Gang, and Jin-Ie Kwon. She is rational and cunning, often times devising plans or back-up plans to achieve her goals.

She very rarely smiles and has smiled only once, after hearing Shi-Woon's response to her question about whether he would save her if she would be in trouble like Jin-Ie was at a previous time.

Contrary to her normally emotionless personality she has shown some feelings of attraction towards Shi-Woon throughout the series. Although she previously held a grudge against him it is obvious that she has developed feelings for him over time. This is due to Shi-Woon's persistent, caring nature, where later on, she comments that no one has ever been there for her like Shi-Woon is. She even brought herself to risk her life in saving Shi-Woon, and later apologizing for her actions. Whether her actions of kissing Shi-Woon "in order to save him as quickly as possible" is questionable.


  • "Even I can't foresee all unexpected circumstances."
  • "Could it be that you had already planned out all of this?" - Ha-Ill Gang


  • Only once in the series has she smiled, and, as dubbed by her bodyguard, she had never smiled in a long time until such an incident occurred: Shi-Woon's answer to her question about saving her life was able to get her smiling.