Sang-Hoon Lee
Sang-Hoon Lee
Nickname Gwonjiryong
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Iron Fist School
Personal Status
Master Jae-Myung Cho (former)
Status Unknown
Martial Arts
School Iron Fist School
Fighting Style Iron Fist Martial Arts
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 104 (NW)

Sang-Hoon Lee is a Murim student in the Iron Fist School and a previous holder of one of the Nine Seats of the Dragon.


Sang-Hoon gives off a typical "tough-guy" look. His hair is slicked back into points at the back.  He seems to have a receding hair-line while his side-burns are long and thick pointing forward at a ninety degree angle at the bottom.  His body type is large and muscular, roughly the same as Ryuji.  His clothes are very informal consisting of a pair of jeans, low cut and tight fitting white t-shirt, and a leather jacket over that. 

He also has a 3-4 inch long scar running from above his left eye to below his right.


Most members of the Iron Fist School are overconfident, boisterous, and quick tempered and Sang-Hoon does not seem any different.  When approached by Ryuji he initially insulted his outfit and then agreed to fight him, joking that the former should be prepared to die.



At some point in his life, he achieved the rank of Dragon Becoming Fist. Later on Chun-Woo Han would defeat him and take that seat of power from the Iron Fist School.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Sang-Hoon Lee is first introduced, questioning the words Dok Hergrang. He asks the man standing by the bar, what's with his old fashion and does he want to challenge him to a duel, or something. He then tells him, he is Sang-Hoon Lee of the Iron Fist School. He asks him is he sure about this knowing who he is. As the man fails to respond. Sang-Hoon asks him can't he talk. He then questions was he there as well. He proceeds to insult him for looking down on him because Goomoonerong kicked his ass. The man questions him being beaten and asks him is he not the Gwunjiryong. Sang-Hoon tells him from the sounds it, he guesses not and if he wishes he'll fight him, but only he has got a death wish. After getting into the fight, Sang-Hoon is knocked unconscious. [1]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Master Martial Artist (Iron Fist Style): Being a holder of one of the Nine Seats of Power he must have formidable skill. He is a well known martial artist in the Murim world. Sang-Hoon's techniques and abilities are never explained in the series but it can be assumed that as a master of the Iron Fist School and holder of a Seat of Power he is very skilled. Though he was no match for either of Un-Wol's disciples as Chun-Woo Han defeated at the Martial Arts Championship to claim the Seat of Dragon Fist and Ryuji later defeated him without getting a scratch.


  • Dragon Claw Punch: Is the technique of the Seat of Dragon Fist. It is a technique of the Iron Fist School.[2]



  • Chun-Woo Han: He lost the Seat of Dragon Fist to Chun-Woo.
  • Ryuji: He was challenged and defeated by Ryuji.


  • The two people that he is known to have been defeated by, are both students of Un-Wol.


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  2. The Breaker Chapter 27

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