Personal Info
Korean 세희
Romanized Sehui
Nickname Freshman Queen
Age 16
Gender Female
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation non-Murim
Occupation Student
Operates in Nine Dragons School
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 1
Part II Chapter 2

Sae-Hee is a first year student at the Nine Dragons High School and a childhood friend of Shi-Woon Yi.


Sae-Hee is considered the most beautiful girl in school gain the role of Queen of her year. Sae-Hee has brownish, reddish hair (not confirmed). She is as a tall as an average teenage girl and according to Chun-Woo Han, her bust size is B-cup.


She is a kind and optimistic person. She cares about her friends and is willing to listen to whatever problems they have. According to her she is good at dealing with people's problems. In terms of braveness she is in the average like most people uninvolved with the Murim. Although acting brave at times in order to not let others worry over her. She is able to befriend people easily.

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Sae-Hee notices Shi-Woon Yi in the corridor and calls out to him. She notices the injuries and asks what happened by Shi-Woon ignores her and walks by. Sae-Hee looks at him walk away and feels worried.[1]

The next day, she notices a commotion going on and goes there to find Shi-Woon beat up. She tries to approach him and runs after him grabbing his hand asking him what is going on but she gets startled when he pushes her hand away telling her that this has nothing to do with her. As Shi-Woon runs away Sung Hyun approaches her telling her that the rumours about a bullied kid seem to be about him. She asks about the bullies but Sung Hyun does not know and she looks concerned at the direction Shi-Woon went.[2]

As she steps out of the class Chun-Woo accidentally touches her chest surprising her but she ignores the incident and walks away. It is revealed late by Shi-Woon that she talked about the bullying to the teachers.[3]

Worried about Shi-Woon, Sae-Hee goes to his classroom to look for him, however that exposed the relationship between her and Shi-Woon to Chang-ho. After looking around for Shi-Woon, she finally finds him in the school yard and calls out to him.[4]

As they seat on a bench, Sae-Hee reminds Shi-Woon of the picnic during their first grade when they were separated from their group and got in trouble. Then she brings up hearing about Shi-Woon's bullying and tries to give him courage. She then states that if he needs anything then he should tell her as she wants to be there for him. She hears Shi-Woon saying something and wonders what it is.[5]

Sae-Hee came to see Shi-Woo while he was in the nurse office checking if he was alright but was followed by Chang-ho and his Chang-ho's Gang soon came in to see him, But soon as them came in to see him tell Sae-Hee to get out startled her. Sae-Hee ran into Shi-Ho Lee asking what is going on with Shi-Woo but with info that he was in the hospital for a check up that he will have to stay for a few days. Thinking that he can still call and tell her whats going on with him. As Shi-Ho was about to give her his new number but a call came in stopping Sae-Hee from getting the number. Later on during the day Sae-Hee received a phone call out of nowhere for Shi-Woo telling her that he just got the number for Shi-Ho. As she wanted to talk to him face to face telling him that she is on her way to he telling him to wait for a bit for her to get there. As she was walking to him her was taking by Chang-Ho and his Gang, as they ripped apart of her shirt showing her bra and leftside of her chest falling to the ground cover sheself crying asking why are they doing to her. As Chang-ho telling her they want to have some fun with her think that it was a joke but Chang-ho slapped her in the face and grap her by the hair "Bitch Does this look like a joke". But was saved by Shi-Woo coming at the right time to stop them. As he can see that she was scared by them and what they did to her and give her his shirt telling her not to be scared. As she was shocked to see Shi-Woo hit the wall breaking it. After a short fight between Shi-Woo and Chang-Ho began but was stopped by So-Chun Hyuk telling Shi-Woo that if his punch it would have killed him. So as So-Chun asked if they know about Goomoonryong as Shi-Woo told them that they do not that name but was shocked that he didn't say that it was a person. Started ran as Shi-Woo graped Sae-Hee ran with her but was stopped as Sae-Hee couldn't ran and was out of air with Sh-Woo asking if she can still kept ranning. But was shock to see So-Chun in front of them seen a taxt coming but was stopped by Shi-Woo ranning into the street to stop it telling she it get in and tell the driver to drive fast, after taking off and was stopped by So-Chun as the driver started joke about a love triangle and seeing Shi-Woo getting out telling her that they are after him and not her, but telling her to call Shi-Ho after calling Shi-Ho she got a call off Chun-Woo Han asking she where he was at.

Couple days later following Shi-Woo as he was going to school without him noticing that she was following him but as they walked together asking if she is ok for what happen that night but she has forgot about and telling him that she is ok. As the walked into the school hallway walked into Chang-ho and his Gang standing in the wallway seeing that Sae-Hee has came back to school after a few days as Chang-Ho thinks that she had been avoiding them. Chang yelled at Shi-Woo to come to them with Sae-Hee trying to stop him from going to them threathing to kill them if they try to miss around with her scaring them, After Shi-Woo turns around handing out his hand to her telling her "lets go" saying OK starting walking away to class after walking up the stairs started crying on his back telling him saying at she is sorry for what happen. After being told that a crazy kid hit someone with a baseball bat and said that someone is killed, so as she saw who was it came running to him to check on him soon as Chang-Ho saw she then swing the bat by was saved by Shi-Woo with a punch sending him flying away. She get up checking on him about the blood all over his face then two members of Martial Arts Alliance handing over his phone but seeing him get grapped by them as Shi-Woo throw a punch and hearing a load shot then seeing Shi-Woo started ranning away shocked to see him.

Sae-Hee went to check on Shi-Woo at the hospital after the KOA. Who became worried by him after hearing for his mom told her that he was in auto accident then asked where his mother is at as Shi-Woo said that she is at work. Then infor that Chang-ho has been supeneded indefinitely that day, somehow the teachers heard abot what happenend between them, The school were going to expel him but end up suspending him in the end. after seeing that Shi-Woo has got a new cell phone thinking that they should take a photo to commemorate that he is alright but cant because of a password lock was on. After the password was put in seeing that there are many videos and saking if he record the videos. Sae-Hee wanted to see the videos Shi-Woo blush thinking that maybe its kind of video age 19 restricted trying to stop her for watching but Chun-Woo was on the video leaving him a video of Black Heaven & Earth Technique then telling him to delete them after he learns them

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Sae-Hee reappear behide Shi-Woo after school was walking outside of the school but was yelled at by the new security guard telling them to stay of the flowerbed wronding who he was. With the new people who worked that the school thinking of Chun-Woo and Shi-Ho thinkng at Shi-Woo was close to both of them during the time they was there. She tells him that she hear more amazing kid is attending the school and he's supposed to be son of a boss from an enormous mafia family with the rumour that the police can not even touch them. Sae-Hee heared they tons of cars came to the school last week and all of them was wearing all black just escort the son of the boss and after school was out the came back to pick him back up. As they head to the front gate to go home they walked into Jang Joonho saying hello to Shi-Woo and Sae-Hee tell them at he is a frist year and is going to there school now as Sae-Hee heads home saying goodby to shi-woo and Jang Joonho.

A few days late as Sae-Hee is walking to school seeing an expensive drive by but hear a voice coming for behide her turnning around seeing the new student who ask if he walk out her to school.



  • Shi-Woon Yi: They were friends for many years. Although romance has been implied from Shi-Woon's point of view, nothing has been confirmed about Sae-Hee's feelings. Others tease that they're dating. Shi-Woon neither confirms nor denies it (although on one occasion, Shi-Woon is asked if he had a girlfriend and says he did, though this could have simply meant his friend is a girl)[6]
  • Ji-Gun Yoo: They are classmates during the events of The Breaker: New Waves and they are seen together frequently and Shi-Woon worried about them.
  • Sung Hyun: She is her classmate and a good friend as mentioned by Ha-ru and that is why she disguised as her to lure Sae-Hee out.


  • Chang-ho: He once tried to rape her in order to bully Shi-Woon and even tried killing her with a baseball bat.
  • S.U.C.: Although she knows nothing about the murim she has been involved with the S.U.C. because she is considered Shi-Woon's weakness and kidnapped her


  • Jin-Ie Kwon: At least by Jin-Ie, Sae-Hee is considered a rival since Jin-Ie is attracted to Shi-Woon and is jealous of Shi-Woon's attention towards her.


  • I've been following you for a while.  Didn't you notice? - Sae-Hee creeping on Shi-Woon
  • If someone underestimates me they'll be in for some pain.


  • Sae mean world and Hee means happiness which mean that the name Sae-Hee mean world happiness in Korean.


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