Nickname Solitude
Lone Wolf
Lonely Traveler
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Previous Affiliation S.U.C.
Previous Occupation Captain of S.U.C.
Personal Status
Master Un-Wol (Deceased)
Status Alive
Martial Arts
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Fighting Style Black Heaven & Earth
Rank Real Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 61 (NW) (Shadowed)
Chapter 96 (NW) (Complete)

Ryuji was the first disciple of Un-Wol who expelled him in order to protect him. Years later he became a captain of S.U.C., and according to Ji-Woo Li he is the number one among them. He is also known as by nickname "Solitude".


He appears to be a very muscular person. He is currently bald, he used to have a short hair when he was younger, with a scar on the back side of his head and wears a white ragged martial arts uniform with ripped sleeves. He has very tense eyes and is unshaven. He seems to wear on his hands combat gloves withe fingers cut out.


He seems to be a person that stays calm and does not show any expressions. Calculated and ruthless he showed no hesitation in fighting a user of the Black Origin Threshold. According to Un-Wol himself Ryuji is talented and would make a note worthy figure in the Murim even without his help.

He has shown an ability to admire the power and skill of his enemies and seems to care for the lives of his comrades as seen when he tried to warn one of the danger that Shi-Woon posed. Ryuji cared greatly for his master and told him that he is willing to go with him even to the depth of hell before he left to his exile and was greatly shocked when he knew that his master was dead. He also seem to think that his master abandoned him when he left to his exile and took another disciple. However, Ryuji still respect his master and it seem that he took upon himself to solve the riddle of the Black Origin Threshold for his master even thought his master stated that he didn't want to burden him with that. Also unlike his comrades who hate Shi-Woon he doesn't. In fact he actually pity him for being used by everyone in Murim and see killing him is the only way to free him from being used.



Ryuji was the student of Un-Wol before Chun-Woo Han. He was trained by Un-Wol for six years but was pushed away by him when the Martial Arts Alliance sentenced Un-Wol to stay in the cave in order not to drag him to imprisonment with him and not to put him through the loop of the Black Origin Threshold. When he made a deal with the Martial Arts Alliance former Chief to give him the secrets texture of the Black Origin Threshold to let him see his master. However, Ryuji didn't know that his master took the most important part with him and the Chief and the other members of the Alliance didn't keep their promise and beat him when demand that the Chief apologies for insulting the secrets of his school. He then finished his training on his own in solitude and learned the Black Haven and Earth technique from the texture of the the school, but could not attain the Black Origin Threshold due to his master taking the most important part with him.

After he finished his training, he started looking for famous and strong martial artist to create a name for himself by defeating them hoping that someday, somehow, somewhere he will meet his master again. He learns from Jae-gal about Un-Wol's death and Chun-Woo Han. Shocked he angrily demand to know where is Chun-Woo and was invited to join the S.U.C. with the promise that he will be able to meet him.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

Ryuji along with the rest of the S.U.C. captains are seen discussing Nine Arts Dragon and his request to give him Seoul, along if they wanted him to join them. They conclude on agreeing on the terms.[1]

Making his way through Nine Dragons High School, he is seen heading up a staircase after defeating all the members of the Shinhyup Clan.[2]

Appearing on the school rooftop, he commands everyone to withdraw. To which, Ha-ru argues that they haven't finished their mission yet. Viewing Shi-Woon Yi, he identifies him as "the mission" and proceededs to go and kill him.[3]

Sudddenly stopped by Chang-ho who wishes to fight Shi-Woon instead. Ha-ru mentions Chang-ho is getting fired up and asks can he wait. Ryuji asks her is she thinks they have time to play around. She questions if they are short on time, procliaming she thought they had plenty of time. Confronting her, he asks what she is trying say. Suddenly distracted by Chang-ho and Shi-Woon Yi's fight, he views their fight. Ha-ru tells him he's quite something.[4]

After Chang-ho's defeat to Shi-Woon Yi, Ryuji claims too much time has passsed and asks everyone to get ready to pull out. As Ha-ru tries to object with him, he mentions he won't hear any objection and orders her to move. Telling Ji-Gun Yoo he only wants Shi-Woon's life, and asks him to move if he doesn't want to die. Refusing to move, Ryuji hits Ji-Gun with a technique that sends him flying in the opposite direction. Proceededing to attack Shi-Woon, Ji-Gun interferes attempting to attack with his blade, causing Ryuji to step backwards.[5]

When Shi-Woon attempted to jump from the rooftop Ha-ru ran after him with Ryuji assists her by blocking Ji-Gun from attacking her. After Shi-Woon successfully and safely gets on the ground and back on Sun-Woo Clan's side Ryuji is seen watching from above with Ha-ru and listening Ji-Gun's provoking comments on their failure, but he seems unaffected. He simply stands by as Ha-ru reveals the mechanism that activates the bombs in the S.U.C.'s cars and activates them.[6]

After seeing that Shi-Woon did not die from the explosion he orders Ha-ru to take out Ji-Gun Yoo while he would peruse Shi-Woon. When Sun-Woo Clan members stand in his way but he warns them to step aside by taking out two of them with one hit. After Shi-Woon stands up and realizes Jang-Il Jeong is dead, Ryuji's attacks him with a Ki strike intending to kill him. He then is surprised to see Shi-Woon stand up after attacking him.[7]

Attacked by an enraged Shi-Woon, Ryuji begins to fights back. Surprised by seeing Shi-Woon get up receiveing multiple fatal blows. He quickly realizes that Shi-Woon had entered the Black Origin Threshold. Ryuji continues to fight Shi-Woon in order to learn as much as he can about the Black Origin Threshold so he can attain and control it one day. As the fight goes on they come across Kwon-Young. Ryuji tells him to get away from Shi-Woon to which he comments sarcastically. Ryuji then witnesses a barrage of attacks from Shi-Woon that sends Kwon-Young flying and an attack towards Ha-Ill Gang that leaves him surprised.[8]

He then thinks whether Shi-Woon copied his techniques but the denies that thinking that it is impossible. As Shi-Woon attacks him, he steps back and closes the door in front of him but Shi-Woon easily breaks through. Thinking that it is hard to fight such an opponent in a crumbed place like that Ryuji steps out of the School building waiting for Shi-Woon to come after him. After Shi-Woon continues to strike him, Ryuji is forced to defend himself, from his attacks. When Ha-ru tells informs him they must retreat, Ryuji prepares one final attack against Shi-Woon. Ryuji then executes his Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike against him.[9]

Considering the fight over and Shi-Woon dead he turn to retreat and cannot believe his eyes seeing Shi-Woon standing up again. Listening to Shi-Woon's talking he looks confused but then he observes him with surprise as he proceeds to use the same technique, until Jang-Il Jeong stops him.[10]

The police sirens are heard and then Ryuji with the rest of the S.U.C. retreat.[11]

Later, after the return of Chun-Woo Han, Ryuji finally asks him if he knows Un-Wol.[12]

Chun-Woo asks Ryuji why would he want to know about Un-Wol to which Ryuji responds that there is nothing more important than than a disciple trying to find out what happened to his master. Hearing this Chun-Woo became confused and irritated. Understanding that Chun-Woo is fighting to avenge his master Ryuji expresses his desire to hear about Un-Wol from him. Chun-Woo becomes more irritated and attacks him. Their fight is later stopped by Jae-gal and Ryuji walks away after telling Chun-Woo that "he is not himself right now", but his refrains from further comments saying that " this is no business of his" and that he already knew what he wanted.[13]

After the surviving the explosion along with Gyu-Bm Yi, Ryuji tells Shi-Woon that Chun-Woo Han's next target would be Seoul Tower.[14].

After recovering from his injuries. He making it to Seoul Tower and confronts So Jung Chan and preparing to pay him pack for the attempt on his life. Reminding him of the law of the Murim, which was if you went after someone life you must be prepared to risk your own life.[15].




  • Soldiers Under Command: He used to be a part of the group and one of the 5 captains. However, he disagreed with their methods and when he tried to come into contact with Shi-Woon Yi, the group attempted to kill him.


  • Un-Wol: He was Ryuji's master. Their relationship was that of trust beyond father and son similar to Shi-Woon and Chun-Woo's bond. Due to that he never learned from anyone else.

Fellow DiscipleEdit

  • Chun-Woo Han: Chun-Woo was Un-wol's second and last student. Ryuji found out after hearing it from Jae-gal and joined the S.U.C. in order to meet Chun-Woo and ask him what happened.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Real Master Martial Artist (Black Heaven and Earth Style): He is considered the strongest among the 5 Captains. He was able to easily handle the Shinhyup Clan by himself without showing any signs of fatigue or injury, implying that the members of the Shinhyup Clan were unable to land a hit on him or his body is strong enough to take some hits without being injured. The formal speech of Ha-ru towards him further shows his strength. His Martial Arts Style is a mystery even among the five Captains. Another sign of his strength is that out of all the 5 Captains only he was capable to match Shi-Woon in power when he was utilizing the Black Origin Threshold.[5] He was also able to block Chun-Woo's attack and throwing him into the air, although it is noted that Chun-Woo was not himself at that moment it was still a commendable feat. He is later shown to hold his own for some time against Gyu-Bum Yi, one of the top masters of the Sun-Woo Clan and perhaps the strongest of the Four Supernovas of the Murim, right before the bomb planted by the S.U.C. exploded. Ryuji later showed his strength by easily defeating So Jung Chan, the commander of the S.U.C. and his direct superior of the organization, just after recovering from the injuries caused by the bomb So Jung Chan tried to kill him and the Sun-Woo Clan with.


Black Heaven & Earth SchoolEdit

According to himself he was self taught the martial arts of his school through the book given to him by his master, Un-Wol. The book, however, contains nothing on the Black Heaven and Earth Technique which confirms that he knows all techniques of this school except of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique and its purest form.

  • Assumed Walking Techniques: His walking techniques are unique in that they create air pressure around the user when they are moving.[7]
  • Gale Wind Destruction Strike: It is a Ki-strike with a whirlwind like effect that sends the receiver of this technique flying while whirling around like a spiral. A direct Ki is supposed to make the internal organs explode ensuring the death of the target. According to Ryuji it is the strongest Ki-strike.[7]
  • Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike (Hon Cheon Meol Gyuk): It is the most powerful technique of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique. It belongs to the Rising Fist Arts and, hence, the user must take three steps back to execute the technique.[9]


  • He and Ji-Woo Li are the only two members of the S.U.C. that defected.


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