Retractable Sword
Undrawn Retractable Sword
Users Ji-Gun Yoo
Range Close
Type Blade
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 22

This is a sword that combines secrecy and portability with usefulness.



This sword is thinner than most and seems to be stylized after a snake. The hilt is shaped and textured like a snakes body with the pommel actually ending in a snake's head.  Six or seven inches up the hilt ends in a latching mechanism that seems to lock the blade into place when it is straightened. 

The blade itself has diamond shapes up the middle of the blade and at the very tip resembling a snakes body.  At the last diamond shape the two halves stay separate and form the shape of two fangs in keeping with the snake motif. 


The swords thickness is such that it can not only be bent without and damage to the blade, but can even be wrapped several times around a bracelet and kept on one's wrist.  While the handle is not bendable like the rest of the blade it can be rotated to a ninety-degree angle and held flat to the rest of the blade.  When drawn it is snapped straight and a ratcheting mechanism keeps the blade from moving out of place.

While the blade seems flimsy it has been shown able to block a Spinning Dragon Exploding Strike from Yong-Hyun Yan.

Although other practitioners of the Strong Dragon School have show the ability to make their swords "bend" during use it may be that this blade is specially made for these kinds of techniques. 


  • Ji-Gun Yoo: he keeps it wrapped around his left wrist in the form of what seems to be a leather bracelet.



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