Reflection Technique
Reflection Technique
Other Names Reflective Technique
Reversal Technique
Clan Song Clan
Arts Tai Chi
Classification Offensive
Type External
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 141

Reflection Technique is one of the greatest techniques of the legendary Tai Chi Arts.[1]



The Reflective Technique stops the flow of power and redirects them back to the opponent. [1]


The strength or pattern of the attack does not matter since the technique does not block the attack but reflects the force of it.[1] Thus, this attack can be used towards stronger opponents than the user of this technique.


The user must be fast enough to see the attack of the opponent otherwise the user will be caught off guard. Use of Walking Techniques like Hwan are ideal to help the attacker confuse the user of this technique. Also, in order to use the technique properly the user needs ground as foothold otherwise the user is unable to reflect the full force of the attack and suffers some of the damage.[2]

Known UsersEdit


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