Within Murim individuals are ranked based on their level of skill in use of Martial Arts. These ranks/levels are shown bellow. For titles (such as Goomoonryong, Sammoonryong, Grandmaster, etc) check the Titles (Martial Arts) page.


A beginner is the lowest rank within Murim-in can have. They are, as the name implies, beginners who are just starting to learn martial arts. They seem to normally be taught in groups under a single master or school. Some exceptional students are trained one on one such as So-Chun Hyuk or due to unique circumstances such as Shi-Woon Yi and Chun-Woo Han. While they are weak compared to the rest of the Murim they are already superhuman compared to a non-Murim-in. Much of their training consists of meditation in order to learn how to gather and distribute Ki and then strength training to keep their bodies in balance with their Ki.


In the series stated as Average Murim-ins, they are people who are not considered beginners but they are not experts either. Thus, we will conveniently call them: Practitioners. A practitioner is a murim who has succeeded in learning the basics on gathering and distributing Ki and has an average skill and knowledge on martial arts. They have begun to learn martial art forms for fighting but are not very skilled or qualified to teach others. It should be noted that even this rank of Murim are so impressive physically that their actions look like movie special effects to non-Murim-ins.


An expert is a Murim-in who has reached a high level of skill (probably Master level) in a specific area of Martial Arts but the skill level on the rest of the known Martial Arts is average. Users of such level can be confused for either Masters or Practitioners due to the large gap of skill in different techniques. Murim-ins of this rank are usually known for their area of expertise.


A master is a very skilled Murim-in who has mastered a martial form and Ki circulation technique. They are skilled and knowledgeable enough to take on and teach students. While their strength and skill are immense their power is limited by the size of the Ki center that the human body has. This seems to be the rank where most murim-ins stop growing.

Advanced MasterEdit

... Judging from his movements he was no ordinary master. He was...
— Gyu-Bum Yi about So Jung Chan[1]

Throughout the series there are cases of Murim-ins that are above master level but are far from being Real Masters. This implies the existence of another rank between Master and Real Master. The people of this Rank are usually confused as Real Masters due to the difference in skill between them and Master level Murim-ins. However, the difference between the skills of such people and Real Masters seems even greater. Thus, concluded in the existence of this rank. For this rank there is no official reference, so we will refer to it as, Advanced Master.

Real MasterEdit

A real master is the highest rank that can be reached by "normal" means. The individuals that have reached this level are people who managed to reach the potential of the human body after they underwent the fourth and final step of training. They are greatly skilled and capable of impressive feats such as throwing cars and causing small whirlwinds with kicks. Their fighting style and skills are highly specialized depending on the school they are from and the style they use. The most definite trait of a real master is the state of their meridians. They are no longer limited by the natural limits of their Ki centers due to expanding their meridians, which causes the distribution channels of someone's Ki system to widen. Because of this greater amount of Ki is generated in the body thus they are capable of fighting in a whole different level.


An assumed rank that includes individuals who have been recognized by the Murim as individuals who have skills that are described as Godly, Inhuman, and so on. This rank is left with quite a vague meaning as it refers to any individual that has surpassed the limits of Human capabilities. There are only three instances so far:

  • Chun-Woo Han: has been called many names by even the elite of the Murim
  • Jang So-Sul: referring more to the potential of her condition which might have been achieved as shown by her appearance in New Waves.
  • Shi-Woon Yi: after going through the Overhaul Rebirth it is said that he can become stronger than his master, Chun-Woo and become the strongest in the Murim. [2]


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