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Personal Info
Korean 비아
Romanized Bia
Age 16
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Info
Affiliation Mil-Yang Clan
Occupation Student
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 46

Pi-Ha is skilled computer hacker, and freind of Ji-Gun Yoo.


He is a short boy, with floppy hair, that's shaved round the back and sides. He wears glasses along with a black T-Shirt.


He is very loyal to his friends even will to shield them from hurt as he did for Shi-Woon against Ha-ru.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

He was briefly seen when Ji-Gun Yoo consulted him about some chips that belonged to the S.U.C. and he wanted to find out what there is in them. In the end he was unable to unlock them because to the firewalls that protected them.[1]

He was assigned by Sera Kang to help Shi-Woon Yi in the fight against the S.U.C. When Ha-ru got on the roof and got the upper hand against them he tried to escape as told by Shi-Woon but he was knocked out effortlessly by Ryuji.

After the battle with the S.U.C. he was placed to the hospitably to recover from the injuries he had sustained. Sera Kang later contacts him regarding the information on the location of a secret government facility. He tells her he believes the task isn't to difficult for himself since he has all the information regarding the government secret bases and related information, as he hacked the information a long time ago. Sera thanks him and tells him he's been a big help. He then asks her where he is, as it is very loud. She tells him she's inside the chopper ready to greet Shi-Woon.[2]After heading back for getting Shi-Woon from the Government. Seeing the video of the fighting and the will power of Shi-Woon can't believe his eyes .

Few days later in The New Justice building he getting word that a woman is here to see Ji-gun. Not knowing what is happening outside with Ji-Gun fighting against Yong-Hyun Yan. However he and the members in the building are killed from the C4 explosive.


Hacking Skills: He is able to hack into all things in a mount of time. As he did hack into S.U.C and the Government that was holding Shi-Woon on a land.


Allies & FriendsEdit


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