Part II: The Breaker New Waves
New Waves logo
Korean 브레이커 NW
Romanized beuleikeo NW
Release Date October 21, 2010
Status Completed
Volumes Currently 15
Chapters 200
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
Drama, Martial Arts
Romance, School Life
Media Manhwa
Reading Method
Read Right-to-Left

The 2nd part of The Breaker series titled The Breaker New Waves started serialization on October 21, 2010 and ended serialization in May 8,2015


Volume 1: The Beginning of a New Legend in the Murim!Edit

Volume 2: Into the Depths of the Sun-Woo Clan's Hellish Training, Shi-Woon!!Edit

Volume 3: S.U.C... a New Power That Defies the Murim World's Order Appears !Edit

Volume 4: The S.U.C.'s Next Prey is Shi-Woon Yi?!Edit

Volume 5: Shi-Woon Yi Starts a New Training...!!Edit

Volume 6: Better to Die Here and Now Than to Leave Behind my Friend and Escape!!Edit

Volume 7: Shi-Woon moving back into the center of Sun-Woo..!Edit

Volume 8: Shi-Woon Yi falls into the trap of Blood & Bone School...?!Edit

Volume 9: Punching the Encirclement is for the Last Fight..!!Edit

Volume 10: S.U.C. is commissioned after Shi-Woon by So Jung Chan...!!Edit

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