Part I: The Breaker
The Breaker logo
Korean 브레이커
Romanized beuleikeo
Release Date August 31, 2007
Status Completed
Volumes 10
Chapters 72
Genre(s) Action, Comedy
Drama, Martial Arts
Romance, School Life
Media Manhwa
Reading Method
Read Right-to-Left

The 1st part of The Breaker series titled The Breaker started serialization on August 31, 2007 and was completed on July 27, 2010. It contains 10 volumes.


Volume 1: Man... a New Mise-en-scene of Fighting which They have Created!Edit

Volume 2: Here... Begins a New Legend of the Murim!Edit

Volume 3: As of Today, the World as We Know It... has Ended!!Edit

Volume 4: Heading Towards the Murim... the Boy's Splendid Debut!Edit

Volume 5: Courage... the Source of Strength which does not Submit to Fear!Edit

Volume 6: Death Fight...!! A firm commitment for someone special!Edit

Volume 7: Revenge!!! Heading towards the Murim, Goomoonryong declares War!!Edit

Volume 8: Cut Off!! They Fell into the Alliance's Trap!Edit

Volume 9: Awakening!! Essence of the Black Heaven & Earth Technique, Distorted by Wrath!Edit

Volume 10: Expulsion!! Abandoned by the Master?Edit

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