'Overhaul Rebirth' (환골탈태, Hwan Gol Tal Tae?) is a medical phenomenon where excessive Ki inside a body rearranges the bone structure and organs. It is often referred to as a miracle.



The theory behind the phenomenon is a common case to every person. The healing of a wound or injury and the formation of new muscles through working out are all considered to be cases based on the theory of the Overhaul Rebirth phenomenon. However, this phenomenon in itself is the case where such change happens a lot faster and changes the body's structure from the bones to the organs. This faster restructuring of the body is caused by the excessive amounts of Ki in the individual's body.[1] It is said that someone who under goes this process will be the strongest master in the murim. This person has the potential to reach heights greater than those reached by Goomoonryong. [2]


After such a phenomenon occurs the body shows great change in the aspect of functionality. Although, it is referred as restructuring there is no apparent change in the outer appearance of the body. The individual, on the other hand, feels the body to be lighter and more sensitive while the five senses are enhanced making it possible for the individual to feel and hear things that should not be possible under normal circumstances.[3] Ju Sang-Sik, who spent years researching the phenomena, stated that from the moment the body changes, one is ready to use techniques normal people couldn't imagine. The limitations of the previous body are not present in the new body and the energy inside him is stronger, faster and more "free" than anyone else's. It is said that a person undergoing Overhaul Rebirth can become the strongest in the Murim if he let go of his doubts and fear.[4]


Parameters are cases where specific aspects or functions of the body affect the process of Overhaul Rebirth in some way. These parameters though are not exceptions since they are part of the theory formed for the phenomenon of Overhaul Rebirth.

Yin Body TypeEdit

Main article: Yin Body Type

The Overhaul Rebirth is closely related to the Blood Vessels for the growth and change of the body. Due to that, according to the theory, it is a basic fact that the transformation caused is most likely to start from the blocked points of the Yin Body Type. This implies that the more blocked points there are (up to nine) the greatest the transformation will be. This could explain the reason why the Nine-Yin Body Type is rumored to give such a superior skill to the individual that is cured from it. [2][5]

Known CasesEdit

  • Shi-Woon Yi: The only known case of Overhaul Rebirth ever recorded. Due to this almost everyone who hears about his condition are unable to believe it. His body has apparently become stronger and his senses have been enhanced to a level that surprises Shi-Woon and others. As one whose physical nature is one of the Yin Body Types (Three Yin Body Type) his transformation caused by the phenomenon started from the three blocked points of his condition.[2][5]
  • Jang So-Sul: Due to her increasing Ki that mismatched with her body that remains in the form of a little girl, the "genius doctor" Seung-Jae Bae created a medicine from Shi-Woon's blood that will allow her to conjure the Overhaul Rebirth. It is said that this will allow her body to grow and she will become an attractive woman with perfect figures.


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