Outer Body Training Technique
Outer Body Training Method Illusion
Romanized Hyun Hwan Shim Yun Gon
Other Names Incarnate Illusion Training
School Artists' Society
Classification Distribution
Type Internal
Execution Continuous
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 43

Outer Body Training Method (Hyun Hwan Shim Yun Gon) is a technique that allows one to train and practice martial arts in a meditative trance. It has only been shown so far to be practiced by the Artists' Society.



This technique was said to have been developed so that women in bondage could practice martial arts as the user can practice techniques and develop reflexes without doing anything but concentrating.


The basis of this technique is meditation and as such it looks like just that from the outside. It seems to require a large amount of Ki but if the user has insufficient Ki distribution skills they could use some from another person.  

It has been said that it takes around ten years to reach the meditative state where the individual will be able to use it to train. Despite this Shi-Woon Yi managed to reach the final stage of meditation training in just one day. Sera Kang has implied that it took her three years to barely master the Outer Body Training Method, while others couldn't master it even after ten years.[1]


Before beginning to use this technique the user takes a posture of meditation or Ki circulation. To use the Outer Body Training Method the user begins by spreading Ki throughout until he or she can feel it pulsing in their Ki channels.  Once the pulsing can be felt the practitioner can enter in the meditating state. From there he creates a mental image of their body composed solely of their Ki creating a spiritual body. It is important to make the image separate from their physical form. At this point the user then needs to bring up memories of past opponents. As the memories surface illusions of the opponent appears and can be fought against for practice, or presumably, any other purpose.

Advantages & DisadvantagesEdit

This training method can be done without physically moving which saves for injuries that can occur in actual sparring. The user does not have to know the full extent of the opponents he meets for them to appear in his memories. The Ki itself remembers the opponent's Ki and strength. This also means that by seeing a technique once the user can see it again as many times as he wishes with this training and even learn it (Abyssal Insight).

However, the opponents that appear in this training method have the same level of strength as they had when the user last encountered them. This means that any increase in strength that these opponents have undergone is not apparent until the user can encounter them again.

While in the meditation state one can increase one's reflexes faster because the nature of this training method, the meditating, focuses and starts from the mind, and can also increase one's control over one's Ki and learn how to use it more efficiently.


Due to the way it works an individual gains abilities that assist in the increase of one's skill:

  • Abyssal Insight: A skill of the Outer Body Training Method. It allows the user to memorize any technique that he has seen even once, regardless of the martial arts style, and make it his own.[2]


  • Triple Blossom Meditation: A form of the Outer Body Training Method. During its use the user is in a state of mind that causes three flower blossoms to appear on top of his head. With this technique, similar to Outer Body Training Method, the user recreates his/her previous opponents and battles them in order to enhance his/her skills. The deference is that this technique pushes the Ki further in order to help the user surpass his/her limits. In Shi-Woon's case the result was an immense amount of Ki being released that scared Sera Kang, Jin-Ie Kwon and Ha-Ill Gang [3].

Known UsersEdit


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