One Moon School
One Moon School
Romanji Illwallmoon
Munju Hyun Won-Jae
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Specialty Spirit Medicine (External Dan)

One Moon School, (Illwallmoon): Is a Martial Arts School controlled by the Sun Moon Clan.


The School is the external Dan Sect and central producer of Dan forging techniques. As the external Dan sect, they carefully examine the process of using breathing, to create accumulated energy, with the use of drugs and substances. There are a few external Dan's the school has created, the One Moon Divine Dan.[1]

In the past, disciples of this school constantly studied poisons in order to defeat their enemies. Ironically, the school created the largest pharmaceutical company in South Korea as a front due to its vast researches on poisons. Currently, the One Moon School specializes in all Ki and Martial Arts related medical domains. They are even able to treat a broken Ki-center.

Medicine (Dan)Edit

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Il-Wol Sin-Dan (One Moon Divine Medicine)Edit

One Moon Divine Dan

Il-Wol Sin-Dan

One Moon Divine Dan (일월신단, Il-Wol-Shin-Dan?) is a Ki altering medicine produced by the One Moon School. A very difficult Dan to forge and make to the point that only a handful of it was ma de in the history of the school. Its price would be around one billion won (assumed-currency not mentioned), but this just covers the cost of the ingerdients and aquestion. It was said that the Divine Dan can give a massive amount of Ki that is equivalent to several times the Ki of the top elite martial artists condensed into it.[1] It was also said that the Divine Dan was condensed form of energy amounting to several hundred top elite martial artists.[2] If a normal human were to take it in their body they would explode. There are three of its kind. Three were stolen [1], from which one was confirmed to have been stolen by Shi-Ho Lee which was administered to Shi-Woon Yi.

If the person that consumed it learns the Black Heaven and Earth Technique then the amount can be controlled instead of destroying the one who consumed the Dan. This can give potential that surpasses that of a true master of the Murim.

Bo-Hyul Dan (Blood Supplement Medicine)Edit

The Blood Supplement Pill, as the name suggests, is a pill that speeds up the body's mechanism for the creation of blood by temporarily activating the Ki.[3]

Known MembersEdit



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