North Star School
Leg Strike
Romanji Te-Ul-Mun
Munju Te Ul
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Specialty Rising Sage Leg

North Star School is one of the affiliated schools of the Martial Arts Alliance.


It is one of the dominant schools in the Martial Arts Alliance since the Munju of this school is one of the main council of Masters and their opinion holds great importance.

Martial ArtsEdit

This Martial Arts schools specializes on Leg related techniques or kicks and traditionally holds the Seat of the Dragon Leg in the Shinmujengpe.


  • Rising Sage Leg (Yong-Hyun-Gak): traditionally belonging to the Te-Ul. It is one of the techniques that Chun-Woo Han took in the Shinmujengpe (Martial Arts Championship) in order to become the Nine Arts Dragon. It refers to a kick that creates a whirlwind kind of effect as it sends the opponent flying.[1]


  1. The Breaker Chapter 51

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