Nine Arts School Sign

School's Sign

The Nine Dragons High School is the local high school Shi-Woon Yi and Sae-Hee attend.


Although not connected to martial arts, the high school is presided by a high ranking member of the Murim. In The Breaker series it is said that the school is funded by Yunhapmudan (Martial Arts Alliance).

Rumor has it that one of the high ranking officials of the alliance named it Nine Dragons High School in hopes that Goomoonryong's successor would come out of it. [1]



Vice PrincipalEdit


Other StaffEdit


1st YearEdit


  • The reason the school was called Nine Dragons is that its founder was hoping and trying to find the successor of the Nine Arts Dragon. Seeing that Shi Woon became the disciple of Chun Woo and reached a high level the reason for the school was fulfilled. However, the founder didn't live to see this as the Nine Arts Dragon killed him.


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