New Waves
Release Date May 8, 2015
Volume 13 Volume
Cover Shi-Ho Lee
Jang So-Sul
Pages 19
Chapter 200 (NW)

Epilogue is the Final Chapter of The Breaker New Waves series


Jang Joonho yelling for his brother telling him that the Martial Art Alliance is going to start an New Battle For Supremacy. Sehu telling him to take it easy and close the door behind him. As he too have heard all about a few miuntes ago and the clan will not be a part of it. Jang thinks after hearing that the young martial arts masters who stormed Namsan in order to save Seoul and with the Clans thinking that there actions was unlawsful and punished them. With the New Supremacy wars are about to start and. with the Murim will be affected the Battle. Sehu thinks that it will be a fresh start will  be the best thing for the Alliance. And asking if he has heard whats going on with Soh and the clan head of the Heavenly Way.

So-Chun meeting with Jung Lae requesting the report of his brother So-Jung. Jung Lae telling him that there is evidence of physical assault but what really killed him was a unknown poison in his system. So-Chun asks if thats all that he has found and why was he there under with the circumstance that he met his end. Jung Lae heard of rumors floating around that he was the real leader of S.U.C. With more rumors that he was at Namsan with the Nine Arts Dragon.

So-chun douth it thinking it must be a prank and he isn't the type of person would do things. Jung Lae intel is from a good souace of intel. So-Chun thinking if what he is saying is true then he must have been manipulated and famed bt someone. And he will find them and make them pay whoeven they are.

Kaiser and Jang So-Sul meeting with Seung-Jae Bae. As Seung-Jae telling Shi-Woon turned on and told him to fight him, Honestly all must made him laugh and he is the kind of guy. But found a young woman is a shock as well, even though he was told that hes endeavours are ultimatley for the benefit of the Sunwoo Clan. Kaiser thinks that isn't amusing fate to think that the final piece is the boys body. Seung-Jae telling them that he is and consumer drugs with a completely aveage body. And it's true that those kind of drugs could bring amazing results, but it's only if the human is anatomy is the drugs into the system and breaks it down. Even tho he manage to survive with 9 out of 10 people who has consumed the drug have died an horrible death and he has the luck of the demon. In other words his blood is will be invalueable ingredient and needs it to perect the drugs. And it will become useful for a young woman like Jang so who have an enormous growth of inner ki and wasn't able to reincarnation it. Kasier adds that it like he is listening to an nonsensial fairy tale. Seung-Jae knows what he is saying but ultimately true with the balance of unmatched ki and growth of one's body. But once its pass though the stage it can be reborn a woman into an sexy woman with a great perfect figure. Jang So can live her dream as superwoman. Kaiser ask about the other requests. Seung-Jae tells him the he has perpaped it on the side. Kaiser seeing that he is doing good work with the request of payment for 200 thousand dollars in cash. With the remaining 180 thousand has been tansferred into his swiss bank account. Seung-Jae thanking them and will not have no more problems for awhile and hope to do more business again in the future.

Jang So asks what happen to him. Seung-Jae asking if she is talking about the temp head of the Sunwoo clan. She nads her head. He donesn't know but after the incident he just spend must of his time make more madicines. He must be dead by now and he is insane dumbass. For his way was fighting by asking for a match but noticed that she get close. Jang So tells him if he dares to say it again about him. Seung-Jae asked Kaiser what is this about. Jang So turns him into flames killing him. Telling them to observe carefully and it the fate of someone who dared to bring harm to Shi-Woon without her permission. Kaiser thinks that he managed to scout a decent potential and now he has been reduced to flames.

Ha-ru tell him not be mean that he glad that he didnt get his hands dirty at a later date. Kaiser asked if he really looks out for his employees but they only of resourceful as someone like her. But she think that its nice to be praise by him, but have some bad news as the woman that she was tracking but lost her of the requested her to find. Kasier thinking that it amusing that there wasn't anything  to find. Ha-ru asking who was the woman, but Kaiser tells her that she was one of the most prized toys. Even though he ended up breaking her before losing her to another man.

Hyun Won-Jae still working on Shi-Ho Lee looking for a by to bring her back to life. As he noticed that he has done it looks and see her up awanking.


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