Police Chief
Personal Info
Age Middle-aged
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Info
Ex-Affiliation Murim Special Ops
Soldiers Under Command
Black Forest Defence
Ex-Occupation Police Chief
Operates in Murim
Normal Society
Martial Arts
Student Jung Lae Won
Rank Advanced Master
Manhwa Debut
Part 2 Chapter 86

He was the Chief of the Murim Police including the Murim Special Ops which Jung Lae Won is part of.


He had a bald head, with some dark hair round the side of his head. He used to wear mostly formal clothes due to his position as Chief.


He has an strong dislike for Murim and the MAA seeing them as a disgrace should be destoryed. As he is willing to join the Black Forest Defence and having them. He is willing to burn the city of Soeul inorder to have the people see the world of Murim. Like most soldier he is willing to follow orders even if it goes against what he thinks. The only thing that he fears are the Ten pillars of Murim in an fight or The Group of Sage joining Black Forest Defence making Kasier more powerful then he is. Even he is facing against an powerful fighter is willing to take someone and hold them against they will.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

He discusses about Kaiser's plans with the Group of Five, and about Sun-Woo Clan with Jung Lae Won. [1]

During the appearance of Chun-Woo Han and the activity of the Soldiers Under Command he tried to keep Jung Lae Won out of it. When Jung Lae Won arrived at Shi-Woon's group's accident site the Chief was there and revealed that he was one of the moles in the government. He states that he tried to keep him away but he was to stubborn to listen. He revealed to Jung Lae Won that he planned to killed Shi-Woon per Kaiser and the government's orders. [2] After Lae Won's objections of his methods the Chief states that sacrificing one country for a greater purpose is not a big deal. As Lae Won attacks him, he easily fights back stating that he was his teacher. When he is about to kill him, Shi-Woon steps in and launches an attack successfully sending him flying away.

The Chief stands up and while appearing fine he states that he was a bit surprised and praises him for succeeding with his attack. He thinks that only Shi-Woon survives and proceeds to kill him but Elder Kwon appears and takes out the Chief's team. Startled, the Chief tries to keep the Elder immobile by threatening Shi-Woon's life but Shi-Woon easily attacks and defeats him. Tied in the car the Chief reveals that there is someone higher in the government that assists them and mocks Lae Won for depending on Lee Kim-soon.

When a masked Jae-gal appears, the Chief calls out to him for help calling him boss. As Jae-gal ignores him, the Chief reminds him that if the Chundomoon learns about all this he would be in trouble. Jae-gal then kills him by cutting his head along with the car.[3]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Advanced Master Martial Artist: Being the chief of the Special Forces shows his level of skill since standard agents are capable of dealing with the must "seasoned pro" martial artists. Also, his martial arts style so far had been confirmed to be based on being able to fight stronger opponents, like Shi-Woon and the Chun-Woo Han for a little while. Additionally, since he was the teacher of Jung Lae Won and was easily able to overpower him, his skill was clearly superior.


  • High Speed Rotating Dislocator: As Jung Lae Won's teacher he is assumed to have known this technique.[2]
  • Movement Restricting Technique: A basic technique of the Murim Special Ops that restricts the targets movements. The level of this technique is high enough to restrict even the movements of "seasoned pro" martial artists without the hope of escape. Since it is one of the basic techniques taught to Special Ops agents it is assumed that the Chief as the teacher also knew this technique.[4][2]
  • Locked Gate Soul Cutter (Geum-Mun-Dan-Hon): As Jung Lae Won's teacher he is assumed to have known this technique.[2]



  • Agent Park: As a member of the special forces he is an ally of the chief. However, no other form of relationship has been shown between them.
  • Lee Kim-soon: As a member of the special forces he is an ally of the chief. However, no other form of relationship has been shown between them.
  • Black Forest Defence: He allied with the group back in part 1 when they cooperated with the government. In New Waves he allied with them again, this time to assist in Kaiser's plans.
  • Soldiers Under Command: He allied with them in order to carry out the great plans of Kaiser.
  • Jae-gal: he was Chief's superior in the plans. After being captured, Jae-gal was the man who killed him.


  • Jung Lae Won: He was a student of the Chief and learned all he know in martial arts from him.


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