Mun-Gi Ma
Mun-Gi Ma
Korean 마문기
Romanized Ma Mungi
Nickname Northern Black Star
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Torrent Clan
Martial Arts Alliance
Four Supernovas
Occupation Leader of the Torrent Clan
Personal Status
Status Active
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Swordsmanship
Rank Advanced Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 21 (The Breaker)
Ma Mun-Gi bears the title of Northern Black Star and is a member of the Four Supernovas.


Ma Mun is a tall man with dark colored hair and long limbs. He dresses in a black biker style suit. He has a piercing in his left nostril that connects to a chain running to his left ear.


Despite his fearsome nature, he cares greatly about his subordinates, as he willingly to sacrificed his life for them. Oddly enough, he nicknamed Shi-Woon "Cutie" ever since their first meeting.


In the past Mun-Gi Ma attended Shinmujengpe alongside Gyu-Bum Yi and witnessed Goomoonryong's rise to fame. Like his fellow Supernova's he was greatly affected by Goomoonryong's strength and spirit. He truly believed he could change the world. At somepoint he gain the nicknamed Northern Black Star in recognition for his talented martial art skills.

The BreakerEdit

He was assigned to protect Lady Jang So-Sul with whom he guarded until she was kidnapped. He and and the Torrent Clan managed to track and kill her kidnapper only to discover
Mun-gi Hospital

Mun-Gi Ma having his arm treated

that she had been taken by Shi-Woon Yi and Alex. Catching up to the car on foot he preceded to attack and try to reclaim So-Sul. Eventually members of his clan caught and subdued Shi-Woon, injuring him and taking So-Sul back. However all of a sudden, Goomoonryong appeared and engaged in battle against Mun-Gi Ma. Although managing to hold his own against the Nine Arts Dragon for a short amount of time, he eventually gave up upon finding out his opponent's identity. Realizing that he stood no chance of winning and fearing for the safety of his clansmen Mun-Gi Ma cut off his left arm in repentance and begged Goomoonryong to spare his followers. Before the killing blow could be made, Shi-Woon persuaded his master to let them go and hurriedly told Ma Mun that they could reattach his arm at a hospital if he was quick. Promising to repay the favor given to him, Mun-Gi Ma departed with his men. Mun-Gi Ma is later seen in a hospital bed with his arm reattached being questioned by Martial Arts Alliance agents. He refused to give them any information and told them he was resigning from the mission.

Later on, while Shi-Woon was desperately trying to reach his master in the Koa Business Tower, Ma Mun appeared just

In the time to save Shi-Woon from his fellow Supernova, Gyu-Bum Yi. Explaining that So-Sul was no longer in his protection and that the Alliance Chief had lied to him, the former comrades join forces. He later witnesses Goomoonryong battle the Alliance Chief and saw Shi-Woon's Ki Center destroyed.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

While Shi-Woon was in hospital recovering from the events of the Koa Business Tower attack, Mun-Gi would tell him that Goomoonryong attacked him so he could leave the dangerous Murim world behind him. Mun-Gi is later be seen working with So Jung Chan.

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit

Ma Mun-Gi's Blade

Mun-Gi Ma's Blade


Advanced Master Martial Artist (Swordsmanship): Mun-Gi Ma is a very powerful martial artist. He primarily specializes in swordsmanship and is quite skilled. As noted his fighting style utilizes every possible advantage that his long arms and long sword afford him. Goomoonryong himself admitted that he was a strong fighter. He can swing his sword around with a speed so great that it looks like a whip. He is recognized in all of Murim as a member of the Supernovas, bearing the title Northern Black Star.

Equipments Edit

Sword: Strangely, his sword resembles a large kukuri with a less pronounced curve than what is normally seen in the knives. It possesses an elaborate handle.


  • Theres still a debt i need to repay to that boy.


  • Both of his nipples are pierced.
  • He bears some physical similarities with a monkey as well as his name.



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