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Min Yun-gi
Min Yun-gi
Nickname Tujiryong
Gender Female
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Martial Arts Alliance
Personal Status
Status Unknown
Martial Arts
Fighting Style Seat of Dragon Stealth
Rank Master
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 57 (The Breaker)

Min Yun-gi (Tujiryong lit. Dragon Stealth) is female martial artist affiliated with the Martial Arts Alliance


Min is a tall woman with light hair, which is generally seen tied in a high ponytail, with a fringe covering the right side of her face. She is seen generally wearing a full-body uniform with a zipper from the navel upwards. She also wears round shape glasses and long ear rings. Her body type, like most female characters in The Breaker series is curved and well shaped with big bust and has long nails.[1]


Like Cha Gi-joon, Min Yun-gi appears to be stoic and level headed in spite of her grudge against Goomoonryoung for taking her title in the last Shinmujengpe while Dang Woon-Ha taunted the former when they appeared before him.



She fought in the Shinmujengpe against Chun-Woo Han for the seat of Dragon Stealth, but lost.

The BreakerEdit

While Chun-Woo and Shi-Ho Lee were fighting the Martial Arts Alliance's fighters she appeared along with Dang Woon-Ha and Cha Gi-joon seeking revenge for their loss in the last Martial Arts Championship (Shinmujengpe). However, they didn't manage to even fight because, thanks to Shi-Woon Yi appearing from the elevator, Chun-Woo and Shi-Ho managed to escape. When they escaped Shi-Ho threw her jacket at them which had a lining made of flammable materials that give off miasma. While throwing it the room was filled with poisonous gas.[1]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Master Martial Artist: Being a holder of one of the Nine Arts she has commendable skill in martial arts. Masters of the Martial Arts Alliance also mentioned that her appearance along with the other two Dragon Seat Holders would signal the end of Goomoonryong which is further proof of their and her skill.


Dragon Stealth (Tujiryong): She knows the technique of the seat of dragon stealth which is one of the Nine Arts that are competed for in the Martial Arts Championship (Shinmujengpe).[1]



  • Chun-Woo Han: She holds a grudge against him for defeating her in the Martial Arts Championship and taking the Seat of Dragon Stealth from her.



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