Mil-Yang Clan
Head Sera Kang
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance
Sun-Woo Clan (unofficial)

Mil-Yang Clan is a martial arts clan and the one who controls the Nine Dragons High School as well as an advanced hospital.



The Mil-Yang Clan is implied to have good medical facilities since they were able to analyse the pill given to Shi-Woon by Seung-Jae Bae enough to make an improved version which is referred to as Jin-Gi Dan by Shi-Woon.


The BreakerEdit

The Mil-Yang Clan was previously headed by Sera Kang's grandfather, Jae-Oh Kang, before he was killed by Chun-Woo Han.

The Breaker: New WavesEdit

In order for Sera Kang to be recognized as the new head, the clan hardliners expected her to avenge the death of her grandfather by killing the disciple of the Nine Arts Dragon, Shi-Woon Yi. She eventually refused to do so, but got her school to accept her as the head with the help of the Sun-Woo Clan. According to Jae-gal Mil-Yang Clan has grown more influential ever since she became the head. [1]

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