Master & Disciple Relationship within the Murim world is maintanied by passage of martial arts from the preious generation to the next. Accordingly, the relationship between master and disciple must be more intimate and more earnest than a blood relationship between father and son. A true Disciple must show respect and an sense of sacrifice towards their master as well the determination of an Murim. However if a master denigrate the disciple nothing more then a toy is not a true teacher and shouldn't be a teacher.

List of Master/DiscipleEdit

Master (Left)/ Disciple (Right)

Unknown and Un-Wol/Former Alliance Chief

Un-Wol and Ryuji/Chun-Woo Han

Chun-Woo Han and Shi-Woon Yi

Jae-Kyu Kwon and Jin-Ie Kwon

Hak Jang Song and Gijoo Song/Kang-Sung/Hyuntae

Yae-Won and Sera Kang/Yu Sa-Ah/Shi-Woon Yi

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