Martial Arts is the primary fighting method in the Murim World and focuses around the use of Inner Energy (Ki).



An individual can learn how to control the Ki through training in the ways of the Ki. The learning process of Ki-based martial arts includes three basic steps:

  • Air Herding: The practitioner is training the energy and accumulates it in the Ki-Center. [1]
  • Power Distribution: this step makes use of distribution and circulation techniques to distribute the accumulated ki within the body.[1]
  • Bloom Through: the last step involves techniques that use the energy stored in the Ki-Center during the Air Herding step in order to enhance the bodies performance in terms of strength and speed, or to perform Ki strikes.[1]


During the learning process, after the first step, the practitioner begins more physical training in accordance to the Air Herding step. The training consists of four steps.

  • The first step (based on the Air Herding and Power Distribution steps) of training focus on breathing exercises that help the person control the flow and circulation of the Ki in the body by training their control on their Ki-Center. The main idea is to gather the Ki to the Ki-Center and then distribute it evenly to the whole body. This step includes applying circulation and distribution techniques.
  • As the circulation training proceeds the individual will have to start physical exercises in order to keep the Ki and the physical body in balance according to the Simgichehon.
  • The third step involves exerting the Ki to enhance the body's functions and movements. The result is the use of martial arts, increase to a certain level the healing speed, become able to see in pure dark and so on.

After the individual reaches the third step then the three steps are still done simultaneously in a pre-organised training program. With this training a person can reach the level of Master.

  • The fourth and final step of the training focus on surpassing the body's potential. It is also called the highest level of training. An individual widens his bloodstream which has as a result the further increase of the Ki amounts and the size of the Ki-center. The result is that the individual can reach, what is called as, the level of a "Real Master".[2]


The three first steps are essential in order for a practitioner to realize the existance of Ki within the body and start controlling it. However, use of Spirit Medicines can distort the order of training enabling an individual to use the Ki without realizing what it is or increases the Ki reserves of an individual to the point that it reaches the Rank of Real Master without the physical body to withstand it. In short this effects distort the balance of the Simgichehon resulting in possibly serious negative impacts on the individual or even death.


The Ki, after the third step of training, can be used to enhance the body's functions and movements. Thus results in the use of martial arts, the basic way of fighting in the Murim world. The effect on the body differs depending on how the Ki is circulated. Hence, the martial art techniques are formed.


Martial Arts have various uses. When it comes to fighting Ki can be used to enhance the abilities of the user or protect them. It can also enhance the movements of the user by enabling them to use foothold where would normally be impossible, like walls, ceiling and so on. The Ki can also be used for health and healing purposes. According to purpose of use, the techniques can be classified as:

  • Offensive: When the user intends to attack
  • Defensive: When it is used to defend, dodge or block any threats.
  • Movement: When the technique enhances the movements capabilities of the user.
  • Distribution: When it is used for healing purposes, Ki transference from one user to another, for training or any other use that involves distributing the Ki inside and outside of the users body.

Should be noted that some techniques could fit in more than one of the above classifications.


By circulating the Ki one can only enhance the body's function increasing the strength or speed thus creating movement based techniques like the Walking Techniques, or strength based techniques like the Strong Metal Hand and Iron Body Technique. However a person has also the ability to release Ki outside creating the Ki strikes. Ki strikes have the advantage of creating a force of Ki that passes through the target's body causing internal damage while it farther increases the strength of the user. A Ki strike is able to kill the target instantly if it hits correctly. According to the usage of Ki there are two types of techniques:

  • Internal:If the technique focuses on increasing the body's function then the technique is Type-Internal technique.
  • External: Ki strikes and any other technique that focuses on releasing and using the Ki outside of the users body then it is an Type-External technique.


The execution of the techniques varies depending on the way the Ki is used. There are two types of execution:

  • Instantaneous: When the technique is used instantly or repeatedly.
  • Continuous: When a single execution of the technique remains in effect for as long as the user wants or is capable of.


Main article: Ranks (Martial Arts)

Based on the level of mastery of the Ki and use in martial arts the martial artists are categorized in several ranks that are used to describe their level as martial artists. The martial arts ranks that are mentioned until now are:

  • Beginner/Amateur
  • Practitioner (assumed: the rank between Beginner and Expert)
  • Expert
  • Master
  • Advanced Master (hinted: the rank between Master and Real Master)
  • Real Master
  • Beyond... (hinted: the rank of a human that has surpassed the human limits)


  • The Classification, Type and Execution categories correspond to the Template:Infobox technique used in the articles about techniques. References about these categories exist throughout the series. However, the titles of these three categories are not clearly stated and are used for convenience since actual details on categorization of techniques have not been provided so far.


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